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  1. When Will Wayne Season 2 Hit The Screen?
  2. Is There Any Trailer For Wayne Season 2?
  3. What Will Wayne Season 2 About?
  4. The Cast Of Wayne Season 2
  5. Where Will Wayne Season 2 Be Streamed?
  6. Wayne Season 2 Overview
  7. Conclusion

Wayne Season 2 Release Date: When Is The Action Comedy Series Coming Out?

Questions about Wayne's season 2 release date are sparking on the virtual groups right after its season 1 ended. Wayne’s adventurous journey has captivated many viewers so it is no wonder it received high ratings and positive reviews from film buffs and critics. 

If you’re curious about the show’s future, keep scrolling down to find out the answer. We also provide some special features including the cast, trailer, plot, and more.


When Will Wayne Season 2 Hit The Screen?

Wayne Season 2 Hit The Screen Source: Google Images

We know this news might be disappointing to you but it is true that there is no official announcement for the come-back of Wayne. But, don’t lose hope. The show may potentially continue.


Is There Any Trailer For Wayne Season 2?

As of now, the trailer for Wayne Season 2 has not come out. We will update this article immediately if it is released. 


What Will Wayne Season 2 About?

Set in Brockton, Massachusetts, the movie introduces us to a young boy named Wayne, who shares his name with the title. The story is about Wayne and his crush, Del, as they embark on a journey to Ocala to get a car. 

Season 1 ended with the arrest of Wayne and viewers are eagerly anticipating what will happen next. Will he face the justice system?

The next season is supposed to have a jailbreak. Wayne would escape from the prison and unite with Del.


The Cast Of Wayne Season 2

The Cast Of Wayne Season 2 Source: Google Images

There is not much information about who will appear in season 2. However, we think that the cast from the previous season might return. 

  • Mark McKenna as Wayne
  • Ciara Bravo as Del
  • Odessa A'zion as Trish
  • Stephen Kearin as Sergeant Stephen Geller
  • Joshua J. Williams as Orlando Hikes
  • Dean Winters as Bobby Luccetti
  • Mike O'Malley as Principal Tom Cole
It may be interesting if we see some new faces in season 2. 

Where Will Wayne Season 2 Be Streamed?

You can watch the movie on Youtube Premium, Amazon Prime, JustWatch, and Vudu. Of course, it is in case it is released. 


Wayne Season 2 Overview

Wayne Season 2 Overview Source: Google Images
Shawn Simmons
Steve Pink
Action, Comedy
Endeavor Content
Mark McKenna, Ciara Bravo, Joshua J. Williams
No. of Episodes
10 (season 1)


The buzz for Wayne season 2's release date continues to thrive on the Internet. The first season's gripping tale has left an indelible mark, earning praise and high ratings. Although the exact release date remains a mystery, the anticipation for more of Wayne's adventures is undeniable. Follow us for updates on when this action comedy series will hit our screens, and in the meantime, you can rewatch Wayne’s journey in the first season.

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