Was Moff Gideon Taken By Mandalorians? Fully Explained

The Mandalorian season 3 revealed that Moff Gideon had been released from his detainment by the New Republic, but did the Mandalorians have anything to do with it? Was Moff Gideon taken by Mandalorians?
It has been revealed that Moff Gideon was taken from the New Republic, and while the Mandalorians may be responsible, other entities could be involved as well. It was suggested in "Chapter 19: The Convert" of season 3 that Gideon had escaped, prompting the New Republic to hide the truth. The presence of beskar increases the possibility of a clash between the Mandalorians and the New Republic, as beskar is a highly sought-after material throughout the galaxy. Until the mystery is solved and the true culprits are exposed, the Mandalorians are the prime suspects. Greef Karga and the people of Nevarro have welcomed them as heroes, and they would fight to protect them if the New Republic targeted them. The final outcome will depend on who really took Gideon

#1. It is possible that a different group of Mandalorians could have captured Moff Gideon.

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Captain Carson Teva believes that another Mandalorian cell must have been responsible for Moff Gideon's abduction, as implied by Paz Vizsla in The Book of Boba Fett episode 5. Vizsla stated that Gideon should not receive a trial from the New Republic, but rather death for his role in destroying Mandalore during the Night of a Thousand Tears. This would explain why another cell would want to take matters into their own hands and execute him personally. Furthermore, Vizsla's attitude towards Teva indicates the sentiment of other Mandalorians towards the New Republic.
If another Mandolarian group was the one responsible for capturing Moff Gideon, then Bo-Katan's mission to unite the separate tribes could be even more difficult. It could be seen as a risk by the New Republic if the Mandalorians were to come together as one, and the other cell could see Din Djarin and the Children of the Watch as being too lenient for not punishing Gideon themselves. Bo-Katan already knows that Mandalorians have a history of clashing with each other, so another civil war between the cells is not out of the question.

#2. Why Were Mandalorians Involved In Moff Gideon’s Prison Escape

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Kidnapping Moff Gideon by the Mandalorians as a form of revenge is the most obvious explanation for his current situation, but there are a few other possibilities. Gideon has a long-standing connection to Mandalore and the Mandalorian people, having been stationed there during the Galactic Civil War. He is also the owner of the Dark Saber, an ancient weapon that carries great meaning in Mandalorian culture. Many Mandalorians view the owner of the Dark Saber as the leader of the people, so it's clear that Gideon has a deep involvement in the Star Wars universe.
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 All of that stands to reason that, perhaps, Moff Gideon has some Mandalorian loyalists who are on his side. After all, Bo-Katan had followers in season two because she once wielded the Dark Saber before it was taken by Gideon. It would make sense if some Mandalorians flocked to the Imperial simply thanks to his ownership of the weapon. There are clearly many Mandalorians who follow their creed to the letter, refusing to do anything that could jeopardize their commitment to the culture. Gideon could have possibly taken advantage of this in order to gain a following.
It is possible that Gideon is the head of his own faction of Mandalorians, similar to how the Armorer leads the Watch. Din Djarin, Paz Viszla, and others are all loyal to the Armorer and her beliefs, including recently Bo-Katan who was in charge of her own group of Mandalorians before joining the Watch. It appears that it is common for Mandalorians to be divided into separate factions, and Gideon could be the leader of one of them, which would make his rivalry with Din Djarin and his allies even more intense.
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