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Was Jaromir Jagr Ever Married? Who is Jaromir’s Partner?

Was Jaromir Jagr ever married? Get right to it, Jaromir Jagr, the well-known Czech ice hockey icon, has never been married. Despite being involved in several relationships throughout his amazing career, Jagr has not got married to anyone.

Key Takeaways

  • Jaromir Jagr, the ice hockey legend, hasn't settled down but is happily dating Dominika Branisova, showing off their solid connection since 2020.
  • Dominika, Jaromir Jagr's girlfriend, swapped the runway for the boardroom as the boss of JJ68, proving she's not just about looks but also about brains and business savvy, closely aligning with Jagr's ventures.
  • Despite the age gap, Jagr and Dominika are tight, keeping their life together under wraps while still capturing everyone's attention with their strong, supportive partnership.

Jaromir Jagr’s wife: Who is Jaromir’s Partner?

Currently, Jaromir Jagr is in a serious relationship with Dominika Branisova. Born in 1995 in Czechoslovakia, Dominika was a model worked with Eskimo Bohemia Management until 2020. Before her modeling career, she worked as an event manager at a club and restaurant. Not only famous for her past in modeling, Dominika is the CEO of JJ68 By Jaromír Jágr, a venture owned by Jagr himself.

They have been together since 2020, with Dominika often seen accompanying Jagr at events, showcasing the strong connection they share. Dominika Branisova, with her background as a model and her role as a CEO, keeps a low-key personal life alongside Jagr. The details of how they met remain private, but it is known that they started dating around 2020.


Jaromir Jagr's Love Life

Was Jaromir Jagr Ever Married Source: @jj68jaromirjagr

Jaromir Jagr's love life has been busy as his career on the ice. Throughout his time in the spotlight, Jagr has been linked with several partners, demonstrating his well-known status not only in sports but also in his personal life. Before his current relationship with Dominika Branisova, Jagr's romantic endeavors included notable relationships that got public attention.

Past Relationships

Among the most talked-about is his relationship with Veronika Koprivova, which lasted from 2015 to 2019. Before Veronika, Jagr was with Inna Puhajková from 2006 to 2012, marking a significant period in his life. His earlier relationships include Andrea Veresová, with whom he was together from 1999 to 2003, and Iva Kubelková, dating from 1996 to 1999. Each relationship has added to Jagr's life story. Even at the age of 52, he continues to play professionally, recently having his jersey retired by the Penguins in a nod to his significant contributions to the team and the sport at large.


Dominika and Jaromir

A Power Couple The relationship between Dominika and Jaromir Jagr shows their strong connection despite the age difference. They have been seen together at various events, drawing everyone's interest. Whether or not marriage is in the cards for them remains to be seen, but their current partnership is evidently strong and filled with mutual respect and affection.

Looking Ahead Dominika Branisova's role as CEO of JJ68 means more than the title suggests; it represents her significant influence in the business world and her ability to move seamlessly from modeling to corporate leadership. Her relationship with Jagr adds an interesting dimension to her public image, blending personal and professional spheres in a way that draws attention.

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