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Vigil Season 2 Movie Full Recap: New Territory In A Generic Thriller Setting

Here are the mysteries, challenges, and character dynamics that unfold in Vigil Season 2. Let's see how the shift in focus impacts the series' overall narrative and whether it successfully navigates the uncharted waters of a new storyline.

Vigil Season 2 Recap

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In the second season of Vigil, the narrative departs from the confines of the submarine, shifting its focus to the world of drone warfare. DCI Amy Silva, now in a stable relationship with Kirsten, finds herself investigating a tragic incident involving a military drone display gone wrong. The malfunction or possible murder leads the duo to interrogate the air force, encountering resistance similar to their previous encounters with the military.

As the investigation unfolds, Amy is compelled to travel to Wudyan, a fictional Middle Eastern country with ties to the British military's development of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS). The absence of the submarine setting, a defining feature of the first season, contributes to the season's more generic feel, despite the engaging character dynamics between Amy and Kirsten.

The second season introduces new characters, including a smarmy Air Force boss and a stressed Wing Commander. While the personal lives of the lead characters add depth, the overarching plot revolves around the mystery of the drone-related deaths, with layers of personal and political intrigue keeping the audience guessing.

Challenges arise in the form of a complex narrative spanning two continents, making it more challenging to follow compared to the streamlined plot of the first season. The show, however, maintains its visual appeal by utilizing locations in Scotland and Morocco.


Vigil Season 2 Review

While Vigil Season 2 successfully introduces new elements to the series, it faces the inherent challenge of living up to the unique tension created by the submarine setting in the first season. The narrative explores geopolitical aspects and questions about Britain's place in the world, but it may feel somewhat surface-level without introducing significant new moral quandaries.

In a media landscape filled with innovative thrillers, Vigil Season 2 delivers a compelling narrative with engaging character dynamics, making it a notable addition to the Christmas TV lineup.


Vigil season 2 begins on Sunday 10th December on BBC One at 9pmVigil season 1 is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now. 

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