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Vigil Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: Who Killed Anthony Chapman?

In a highly-anticipated return, DCI Amy Silva and DI Kirsten Longacre are back in action, shifting from the depths of the sea to the vast skies in Vigil Season 2. Released on December 10, 2023, the first episode promises a new wave of intrigue and suspense as Amy and Kirsten delve into another complex case.

Vigil Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Vigil Season 2 Episode 1 Recap
Vigil Season 2 Episode 1 begins, plunging viewers into a fresh web of suspense. Following the triumph of Season 1, which enraptured over 12 million on BBC One, DCI Amy Silva and DI Kirsten Longacre ascend from the depths of a nuclear submarine to the boundless skies. The stage is set for a new military enigma, promising riveting twists.
Reflecting on the acclaim of Season 1, where Amy unveiled a dark conspiracy, the anticipation for Season 2 soars. As the duo navigates the aerial mysteries, fans brace for another season of exhilarating revelations and gripping drama.

Drones Gone Rogue: Chaos Unleashed At Dundair Military Base

The story kicks off in the made-up place called Wudyan. RAF Wing Commander Anthony Chapman has a big argument with another officer. After the showdown, he leaves the country with his daughter Sabi. On the way out, he informs Squadron Leader Eliza Russell that he wants to go back to Britain. Chapman just found out he's got terminal liver cancer during a trip to Dubai. He asks Russell to take charge of the squadron.
Russell's first job is to supervise a weapon drone exercise at the Dundair military base in Scotland. Air Vice Marshal Marcus Grainger oversees the operation on the ground. However, it's evident that the weapon drones, also known as RPAS (Remotely Piloted Air Systems), are being controlled by personnel in both Scotland and Wudyan.
During the exercise, a civilian near the perimeter fence is spotted operating a drone. Grainger sends a team to check, but the mystery man escapes. After the weapons test, Grainger's Wudyani guests show interest, ordering a substantial number of drones for their military. Grainger, wanting to demonstrate another capability, instructs the pilots to put the drones on autopilot for the return trip.
Unexpectedly, Colin Dixon's Alpha RPAS deviates from the plan, attacking soldiers on the ground. Dixon struggles to regain control but can't disable the weapons, and he's locked inside his vehicle. Eventually, his comrade, Lawson, uses Bravo RPAS to destroy Alpha RPAS, ending the havoc. Seven people are dead, and Colin Dixon is harshly detained. It seems unlikely that he fired the shots.

DCI Silva Investigates Rogue Drones At Dundair

DCI Amy Silva is dropping off her daughter Poppy at school when she hears about the bad stuff happening at Dundair. She and her pregnant girlfriend DI Kirsten Longacre get called in to check it out, thanks to a special request from the Ministry of Defence. They remember Amy did a good job with a nuclear submarine thing before.
At Dundair, DCI Silva talks to Colin Dixon, the suspect, while DI Longacre chats with the other pilots. Lawson, one of them, mentions that many soldiers in the unit knew each other from their time in Afghanistan. Longacre wonders why Lawson moved away from her pals before the drone started shooting, making her a bit suspicious.
Dixon explains to DCI Silva that he wasn't controlling the drone when it started shooting at his friends. The communications were cut when the drone went on autopilot. He says he should've been able to regain control, but anyone logged into the system could've done the same - except Lawson, who operated the drone that took down Bravo. That leaves two others in Wudyan who could've taken control.

RPAS Scandal Escalates: Tensions Rise Between Wudyan And Dundair

In Wudyan, Russell talks about what happened, and Barker, one of the RPAS pilots, isn't happy. He's mad that Dixon got beaten up and that now all the pilots are suspects.
Russell decides to write statements separately with Captain Sattam Abdul Kade to avoid accusations of working together. Kade wants to know the names of the Wudyani people killed in Scotland, maybe some were his friends.
Back at Dundair, the Wudyani ruler is super mad about the incident and thinks about cutting their funding for the RPAS program. Wudyan is angry at British politicians for criticizing them while gladly taking their money.
Meanwhile, DCI Silva at Dundair wonders why the demo ended early and why nobody told her about a civilian flying a drone near Dundair before the incident. She wants to ask Grainger but he's busy with the RPAS wreckage. DCI Silva is curious about the data, but it explodes, losing all the info. She wonders if Grainger wanted to cover something up.
Grainger is quick to blame Dixon, saying he thinks the system got hacked. McCabe says that's impossible, so maybe one of the four pilots did it.

Chapman's Role Unveiled In RPAS Crisis

DCI Silva joins Grainger for a call in Wudyan, where he briefs her on the country's conflict supporting a neighboring government against insurgents. The UK military is helping, but the media doesn't like it. Still, Wudyan is a vital partner, and two of their nationals died at Dundair.
During the call, Wes Harper, the tech lead, has big news. He says they found all the controllers—two in Scotland and three in Wudyan. Harper drops a bomb: Wing Commander Antony Chapman took control of Alpha RPAS after Dixon.
DCI Silva asks where Chapman is now, and Grainger says he's in the UK, very sick and probably not fit to fly a drone. After the call, Russell thinks Harper spilled too much and asks for his statement. He tells her to forget it.

Russell's Directive And Unspoken Turbulence In RPAS Operations

Later, Russell tells Barker to redo his report, saying his views on past operations don't matter. She also asks about a fight Chapman had before leaving Wudyan, but Barker says he has no clue. Grainger and McCabe make the RPAS sound awesome, but maybe things haven't been as trouble-free as they say.


Chapman's Mysterious Past And The RPAS Program's Secrets

Meanwhile, DCI Silva checks and finds out Chapman had a surgery scheduled but didn't show up. She goes to his hotel, but his room is empty. She asks Grainger about Chapman, suggesting the cancer story might be fake. Grainger, who's known Chapman for a long time, reveals Chapman's wife was Wudyani and died when their daughter Sabi was little.
Grainger quickly explains the Wudyani-funded RPAS program, a big deal for the British government. He mentions questions about Chapman's loyalty before and that info was leaked to a UK journalist named Firas Zaman.

Firas Zaman's Revelation And The Dark Side Of RPAS

Near the fence, DI Longacre hunts down a trespasser who turns out to be Firas Zaman. He climbs a tree and resets his phone.
Zaman, a British resident from Wudyan, is questioned by Longacre about filming a weapons test. They find prescriptions from Dr. Mohammed Rajab near the Wudyani air base, including one for IVF, which seems strange. Longacre thinks they're coded messages. She suspects Zaman of terrorism, but he claims he's "on the side of the angels."
MI5 agent Daniel Ramsay joins them, revealing Dr. Rajab is in prison on terrorism charges. Ramsay thinks Zaman, who wiped his phone, was the one on the ground guiding the rogue RPAS. Zaman warns about the drones being used by Wudyani authorities on its citizens. He believes it's a tool for oppression, hinting that someone unnamed, likely Chapman, told him about the test.

The Mysterious Death Of Chapman And The Forest Ambush

DCI Silva wants to talk to Lawson, but Grainger says she's already flown back to Wudyan. With DI Longacre suspecting Lawson for moving away before the incident, things start to look fishy for her. Meanwhile, their colleague retrieves data at the operation center, revealing two controllers in Wudyan, two in Dundair, and one in a village near Glasgow.
DCI Silva heads to the Trossachs with DI Longacre. There, the SWAT team finds Chapman dead in the woods, but his daughter is missing. While leaving, DI Longacre hears a sound and walks into the woods, finding Sabi. But a mysterious attacker opens fire on them as they flee into the forest!
So, the big question is: Who killed Anthony Chapman? Stay tuned for the answer and more twists and turns in the upcoming episodes of Vigil Season 2.

Vigil Season 2 Episode 1 Review

Vigil Season 2 in Episode 1 immerses audiences in a riveting tale, marked by Suranne Jones's compelling portrayal of Detective Chief Inspector Amy Silva. The narrative, centering around a military drone catastrophe, adds an intriguing layer to the series. Episode 1 maintains a well-paced tempo, immediately captivating viewers. Rose Leslie's portrayal of Detective Sergeant Kirsten Longacre and the ensemble cast contribute to the episode's excellence, fostering on-screen chemistry.
The production values shine with visually stunning scenes and meticulous attention to detail. Building a suspenseful atmosphere, Episode 1 weaves a compelling storyline, heightening anticipation for the future. Vigil Season 2 continues its legacy of delivering finely crafted drama, promising fans another season filled with suspense, mystery, and outstanding performances.
As the series progresses, Episode 2 promises even more twists, ensuring a thrilling and unpredictable journey for devoted viewers.
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