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  1. Quick Facts About Verónica Bastos
  2. Verónica’s Age & Early Life
  3. Verónica’s Height & Weight
  4. Who Is Verónica Bastos’ Husband?
  5. Bastos’ Career
  6. Verónica Bastos’ Net Worth
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Truths Unveiled: Everything About Verónica Bastos - Age, Net Worth & More

Verónica Bastos, a versatile talent in the Entertainment world, has left an indelible mark in the realms of acting, journalism, and television hosting. In this article, we'll take a glimpse into the life and career of this multi-talented artist, exploring her background, accomplishments, and contributions to the industry.


Quick Facts About Verónica Bastos

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  • Full Name: Verónica Bastos
  • Date Of Birth: October 25, 1980
  • Place Of Birth: Costa Rica
  • Job: Actor, Journalist
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband: Alexis Nunez Oliva
  • Children: Amanda
  • Nationality: American

Verónica’s Age & Early Life

Verónica was born in Costa Rica on October 25, 1980. As of 2023, she was 43 years old. She grew up in a Christian family and is a follower of Christianity. While her parents' names remain undisclosed, it's known that Verónica hails from a well-educated background.

Verónica attended a local school in Costa Rica for her early education and later graduated from college. As a child, she had a strong curiosity and a desire to explore new things in life. Later on, her inquisitive nature led her to become a famous journalist and actor.

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Verónica’s Height & Weight

Verónica stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, and her weight is around 57 kilograms. She has lovely blond hair, enchanting brown eyes, and a radiant smile that adds to her beauty.


Who Is Verónica Bastos’ Husband?

Verónica is married to Alexis Nunez Oliva, a TV producer. They have been together for several years and have a daughter named Amanda.


Bastos’ Career

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Verónica is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, where she has excelled in acting, journalism, and television hosting. She gained fame through her roles in TV shows like "Con todo" (2004), "Sal y Pimienta" (2011), and "La oreja" (2001).

Aside from her acting career, Verónica has had a successful stint as a journalist, working for prominent companies like Unison and Telemundo. Her contributions have earned her recognition worldwide.

In Costa Rica, Verónica is one of the wealthiest television show hosts in the country, with a strong reputation in her field. Her popularity during her prime years made her a favorite choice among event managers and show hosts.

You can find Verónica on Instagram @veronicabastos1 and Twitter @VeronicaBastos1.

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Verónica Bastos’ Net Worth

As of 2023, Verónica is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $10 million. Her main sources of income come from her career as a TV Show host and her various acting roles. 

Notably, this accomplished entertainer gained recognition and earned a significant income after appearing on Big Brother VIP: Mexico in 2004, which played a pivotal role in accumulating her wealth.



Verónica’s Net Worth Source: Google Image

In conclusion, Verónica Bastos, with her remarkable talents and diverse career in acting, journalism, and television hosting, has made a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. With her ongoing contributions, we eagerly look forward to witnessing her continued success and the new heights she will undoubtedly reach.

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