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  1. #1. tWitch's Cause Of Death
  2. #2. tWitch Suicide Note What Did It Say?

tWitch Suicide Note What Did It Say?

tWitch suicide note what did it say? Here we go! Since his unexpected passing, many have pondered what tWitch said to his loved ones in his final moments and how he left them with more questions than answers by taking his own life.

#1. tWitch's Cause Of Death

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tWitch was born on September 29th, 1982, as Stephen Laurel Boss in Montgomery, Alabama. His breakthrough came in 2008 when he placed second in the fourth season of So You Think You Can Dance. In 2011, 2012, and 2013, he was an all-star, and in 2015, he was a team captain on So You Think You Can Dance. He also served as a judge on the show in 2018 and 2022.
tWitch was a well-known DJ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show from 2014 until the show's cancellation in 2022, and he was also a regular judge on So You Think You Can Dance. tWitch was not just a successful dancer but also an actress, appearing in films such as Blades of Glory, Hairspray, Stomp the Yard: Homecoming, Step Up 3D, Step Up Revolution, Step Up All In, and Magic Mike XXL. Other TV programs he's been in include Modern Family and Young and Hungry. tWitch committed herself on December 13, 2022, after working in the Entertainment industry for over a decade.
To put it another way, he was 40 years old. Weslie Fowler, Maddox Laurel, and Zaia were his children with his wife, So You Think You Can Dance, season 2 contestant Allison Holker. "It is with the heaviest of hearts that I have to tell my husband Stephen has left us," Holker stated in a statement after tWitch passed away. When Stephen entered a room, it immediately became brighter. He emphasized leading with love and light and cared deeply about his loved ones and community. He was the rock upon which our household rested, the ultimate provider for his wife and children, and a role model for his legions of devoted followers.
So, what did tWitch say in his final moments? Here is what we know about tWitch's final interactions with his loved ones and his final remarks before he took his own life.

#2. tWitch Suicide Note What Did It Say?

tWitch Suicide Note What Did It Say
Eddy Boss, tWitch's grandfather, spoke to The Daily Mail on December 15, 2022, about his last discussion with his grandson before his death two days later. Eddy claims, "We communicated as recently as many times on Saturday." Simply put, he was the same carefree soul he's always been. Nothing seemed out of the usual to us.
He went on to say that this man was exceptionally modest and kind. His presence brightened everyone's lives. At this moment, we feel utterly devastated. All I can say is that he was an amazing human being who impacted everyone he encountered and the world at large. Incredibly, we are grieving and missing him terribly.
The last text tWitch sent to Eddy before he committed suicide was revealed by Eddy, who had flown from Arizona to Los Angeles to be with the family after tWitch's death. Meaning can be found in every word. His final short message was: "I love you, Dad-Dad." So, why is this happening, we wonder? "Where did it originate from?" he questioned. Despite the LAPD's confirmation that his grandson committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, Eddy told The Daily Mail that he was still "not confident" that his grandson's death was a suicide.
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