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  1. #1. Treason Netflix Season 1 Finale Recap

Treason Netflix Season 1 Finale Recap, Fully Explained

Searching for Treason Netflix season 1 finale recap? At the opening of the fifth episode of Treason, Adam asks Malik to meet with him. Kara instead runs into him. Audrey's assistant finds a message and phone in her luggage from Mads. While on the phone, she explains the scenario to him.
When she brings up Kirby, Audrey changes her mind about not meeting her and agrees. Mads informs Audrey that Adam was the one who leaked the information about her and that Martin would have used it against her regardless of the outcome of the match. Audrey decides to aid Adam despite her moral qualms. When Malik meets Adam, Adam fills him in on everything Martin has been up to.

#1. Treason Netflix Season 1 Finale Recap

Treason Netflix Season 1 Finale Recap Source: Netflix
Adam thinks Malik is the most capable man now working as an agent to lead the service and is thus the one to trust with his future. In Silvertown, he tells Adam where to find Olamide. While Kara and Adam retrieve the documents, Mads stays with the kids. While they wait, Adam tells Kara he is sorry for leaving her in Baku and for breaking his commitment. While Adam wanders around the yard with his rifle, Kara observes Zoe beginning to shred the files.
Adam discovers Mads crouched down beside the storage units. She reportedly came to check whether Adam had any assistance. Kara sneaks in and checks the paperwork. Maybe she has some idea who the MI6 double agent "Dorian" is. Zoe and Olamide ambush Kara before she can depart, and they make off with the hard drive. A scuffle ensues, in which she ultimately kills Olamide, and Mads pulls the drive. When a squad of CIA officers shows up in the yard, Adam takes care of them.
Devin kidnaps Adam and threatens to murder him. She makes another offer to Mads to strike a bargain. Adam attempts to talk some sense into Dede regarding Martin, but she won't have any of it. Maddy rushes over to give the drive to Dede, and as Adam tries to steal her gun, she kills him with a single shot. Regarding Adam, Martin lets Patrick and Malik know.  He considers them "contenders" for the position of deputy and invites them to attend the Intelligence Committee meeting with him the next day.


Treason Netflix Season 1 Finale Recap
Mads tells Audrey that Adam has died, but now the minister is backing out of the contract. She begs Mads to let Martin retake the wheel and urges him to act quickly to protect her loved ones. When Mads says she'll take the kids to Madrid to visit her relatives, Kara begs her to stay behind, so she can out Martin and protect her loved ones. Kara tells Mads that Adam couldn't have been Dorian because he was with her the night that Dorian murdered the guys. Kara negotiates with Belova in an attempt to acquire the data.
But it turns out it is just baiting to lure Martin in. Martin makes the opening remarks at the committee meeting with his statement. Mads is already inside the building, and she is making her way to the chamber where everything will take place. After leaving, she runs into Patrick, who had witnessed Adam's delivery of the data and the lies he had promised. And his name is Dorian. She enters the building with the records in tow, and Audrey spots her.


Treason Netflix Season 1 Finale Recap
She's willing to roll the dice and always holds up her part of the bargain. She makes public Martin's secret information stash. Audrey thinks Adam is a national hero for helping eradicate the treachery corrupting the United Kingdom. When Martin discovers that Patrick is named Dorian and not Adam, Mads confronts her. For the sake of his ambition, he let the actual adversary escape. Kara runs into Patrick on his way out, and Patrick phones the Russian operator to inform them of the situation.
After discovering a picture of Kara and her guys in Baku, he learns he has been poisoned. The news ticker just said that Martin had been taken into custody. Mads contacts Dede and threatens to expose her and Martin's scheme if they don't stop. Kara says goodbye to Mads, facing the frightening prospect of informing her children what happened to their father and raising them on her own. When they finally spot her approaching alone, Ella and Callum run straight into her arms.
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