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Treason Netflix Review: The Most Objective Review

Searching for the Treason Netflix review? The protagonists in the Netflix spy thriller miniseries Treason don't look very competent in their field. Although boasting a great cast portraying stock characters in a stale narrative about betrayal and secrets, this basic spy series has several faults, not the least of which is the intelligence community's low-security standards. There isn't enough good stuff in Treason to fill a 90-minute movie, even though both the episodes and the season are short.
Treason begins with a needless flash-forward sequence in which a sniper points a rifle at a family's home before rewinding five days to see MI6 deputy chief Adam Lawrence (Daredevil's Charlie Cox) speaking to a group of pupils, including his son Callum (Samuel Leakey). Sir Martin Angelis (CiarĂ¡n Hinds), Adam's employer, is poisoned and on the verge of death, and Adam is summoned away to deal with the problem. After Sir Martin was attacked and hospitalized, Adam took over as head of MI6.

#1. Treason Netflix Review

treason netflix review, netflix treason review Source: Netflix
Kara Yerzov (Olga Kurylenko), a former Russian clandestine operative, contacts Adam very soon after the incident to accept credit. They have a history together dating back to a failed operation in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, 15 years ago. Adam emerged from the tragedy as a hero after he prevented an attack on the British embassy using intelligence provided by Kara. Still, Kara and her four comrades were slain in the attack.
She reveals to Adam that she has spent the previous 15 years plotting his ascent through MI6 to put him in a position of power from which he can learn the truth about Baku. As Treason progresses, Kara's demands get increasingly unrealistic, extending the scheme's implausibility and allowing writer Matt Charman to stretch out the story. Treason seems to be going for intrigue in the vein of John le Carré, but the story is sloppy and doesn't convince.
Adam and Kara run their whole covert operation right under MI6's notice, barely sometimes raising eyebrows. The characters can outwit whole security teams with comical ease, start crucial discussions in plain view of coworkers and citizens, and get the information they need to find. If other parts of Treason worked better, it would be less annoying to use these quick cuts.


Treason Netflix Review treason netflix review, netflix treason review
Adam is a mopey bore for most of the show, and although Cox is fantastic as the tough but frequently self-doubting Daredevil, he doesn't get to accomplish much until the fifth and final episode. He complains about keeping his family safe, which consists of Callum, his teenage daughter Ella (Beau Gadsdon), and his wife Maddy (Oona Chaplin). Still, he's hardly a strong guardian like Liam Neeson in a late-era action film.
Even if Kara's goals are often unclear, Kurylenko is more interesting to watch than the focused, no-nonsense Kara. Maddy becomes the third main character in Treason when she becomes involved in counter-espionage with the help of her former military friend turned CIA agent Dede Alexander (Tracy Ifeachor). To build the CIA's case against Adam and Kara, Dede tells Maddy she just so happens to be in town on vacation, and at first, Maddy believes her.
With his family in danger and unsure whether or not he can trust Kara, Adam is on the run after being labeled a traitor by both American and British intelligence. Many things happen in the five episodes of Treason, including Ella being taken by two distinct groups in an episode and a half. Unfortunately, the less mystery there is and the more Treason discloses the true nature of the intrigue, the less engaging the series gets.


Treason Netflix Review treason netflix review, netflix treason review Treason Netflix Review
Two MPs in the United Kingdom's parliament are competing for the position of prime minister, and all of this backroom dealing stems from their leadership campaign. Alex Kingston portrays the more ethical candidate, adding some genuine goodness to the part, but ultimately she serves as a pawn in a power struggle amongst the film's primary protagonists. While Hinds excels at appearing slightly shifty, Treason lacks a clear villain to cheer against, leading to a sequence of anticlimactic moments in the last episode while seemingly setting up a second season that may take the tale in a different route.
More and more of the story is put on Chaplin's shoulders as the series progresses, but Maddy is even less interesting than Adam. Treason is a third-generation ripoff of a classic British spy series since the characters and narrative are poorly developed. Oscar-nominated screenwriter Charman's ultimately generic Treason lacks the true tension and emotional stakes of Spielberg's underrated Cold War drama Bridge of Spies, for which he shared writing credit.
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