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  1. Meet Travis Taylor’s Wife, Skinwalker Ranch’s Karen Taylor
  2. What Is Karen Taylor’s Age?
  3. What Is Karen Taylor’s Career?
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Every Stellar Detail You Don’t Know About Travis Taylor's Wife, Karen Taylor

If you're into The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, you might wonder about lead investigator Travis Taylor's wife and his personal life. Travis is a successful astrophysicist, engineer, sci-fi author, and reality TV star, with experience at NASA and the Department of Defense. 

So, who's the woman behind this multi-talented and “stellar” man? Allow us to introduce you to Karen Taylor, Travis Taylor's wife.


Meet Travis Taylor’s Wife, Skinwalker Ranch’s Karen Taylor

Travis Taylor’s Wife Karen Taylor Source: Facebook

Karen Taylor, wife of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch star Travis Taylor, resides near Huntsville in Somerville, Alabama, with their daughter Kalista Jade and their furry companions: dogs Weskie and Stevie, and cat Kuro.

It was Karen who sparked Travis's writing career in 2001. He expressed his frustration with contemporary science fiction, claiming it lacked scientific substance. In response, Karen challenged him to write a better novel. And so he did—not just one, but more than ten.

travis taylor daughter - travis taylor wife

In an interview with BAEN in November 2004, Travis revealed:

"I'll never forget this moment as long as I live because it changed my life. I was sitting on the couch next to my wife and I finished the book and set it down and said, "Bleck! That was one of the most horrible sci-fi books I've ever read. Sci-fi nowadays is all space opera with no basis in science and is really fantasy. It's crap. It's just crap." My wife looked at me and said, "Well, if you think you can do better go write one yourself."

Karen is a steadfast supporter of Travis across his diverse pursuits, spanning from space exploration to paranormal investigations. She frequently joins him at events and conventions where he showcases his books and shows. In fact, she has even assisted in filming segments for History's The Universe and Life After People.


What Is Karen Taylor’s Age?

Karen Taylor’s Age - travis taylor wife Source: Google Images

While Karen Taylor's precise age isn't publicly disclosed, her appearance in occasional photos with her husband and on social media suggests she may be in her 40s or 50s. She boasts a lovely combination of brown hair and brown eyes.


What Is Karen Taylor’s Career?

Karen Taylor’s Career Source: Google Images

Karen Taylor's professional life remains undisclosed publicly, but she appears to share her husband's enthusiasm for mechanical interests. Additionally, her Facebook page suggests a deep passion for rescuing dogs, as well as sharing family photos.


Is Karen Taylor On Instagram?

Karen Taylor Instagram - travis taylor wife Source: Google Images

Karen Taylor does not have an Instagram account, but she does have a Facebook account where she posts occasionally. Her Facebook profile is private, but she has some public photos that show her family and her hobby of rescuing dogs. Sometimes she even shows her and Travis Taylor's daughter on this page as well.


How Tall Is Karen Taylor?

travis taylor wife - How Tall Is Karen Taylor? Source: Google Images

Karen Taylor's height isn't publicly known, but she appears to be slightly shorter than her husband Travis, who stands at 6 feet tall, according to his IMDb page.

Karen-Taylor FAQs Source: Google Images

▶ Where Is Karen Taylor From?

Karen Taylor lives in Huntsville, Alabama, where Travis worked for NASA and the Department of Defense.

▶ When Is Karen Taylor’s Birthday?

Karen Taylor's birthday is not known as of now.

▶ What Is Karen Taylor’s Maiden Name?

Karen Taylor's maiden name is not known, she has preferred to use her husband's in all of her appearances with him.



Source: @skinwalkerranchofficial

Karen Taylor is a supportive and loving wife to Travis Taylor, the star of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. She is also a mother, an animal lover, and an artist. She values her privacy and chooses not to share much about her personal life online.

That being said, her information is closely followed and reported by fans of the show, and it will be updated by us as soon as it surfaces. In the meantime, you can stay updated with her husband via his Instagram. Stay tuned!

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