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  1. #1. Tina Turner Son Cause Of Death

Tina Turner Son, Cause Of Death: Updated News

Searching for information about Tina Turner son cause of death? Here we go! According to the Los Angeles Police Department, which confirmed the information to The Post, a person located close to Ronnie's home in Encino called 911 on Thursday morning, asking police to investigate a fatality. An individual discovered Ronnie, the biological son of Tina and her late ex-husband Ike Turner, outside of their residence.
According to reports, Ronnie was having trouble breathing when he was discovered. After a few moments, the son of the queen of rock and roll reportedly stopped breathing completely, as reported by TMZ.

#1. Tina Turner Son Cause Of Death

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He was pronounced dead at the site even though paramedics went to the location in the San Fernando Valley and attempted CPR on him. Afida Turner, Ronnie's widow, has verified the news on her Instagram account. She captioned a carousel of photos of her late husband with the following: "My god Ronnie turner a true angel huge soul highly spiritual my husband my best friend my baby iyour [sic] mummy your nurse I did the best to the end this time I was not able to save you love u for this 17 years this is very very very bad I am very mad."
It is unknown what led to the medical emergency, even though Ronnie was rumored to have suffered from various health problems, including cancer. A spokesman told The Post that an investigation by the Los Angeles County Coroner's office is in the process of being scheduled. The deceased singer, who is now retired and has four children, has suffered a second heartbreaking loss with Ronnie's passing. Craig, Tina's eldest son, took his own life in 2018 when he was 59 years old.

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Tina Turner Son Cause Of Death
Born Anna Mae Bullock, the "Proud Mary" vocalist celebrated her 83rd birthday on November 26. Throughout her life, she has struggled against adversity, from being neglected as a kid to being subjected to abuse in the public eye. After becoming the lead vocalist of ex-husband Ike Turner's rhythm and blues band, Kings of Rhythm, in 1957, when they met by chance at a nightclub in St. Louis, she and her ex-husband went on to have a poisonous relationship that spiraled into their music career. She was subjected to abuse when she was pregnant with Ronnie. Ike died in 2007 at age 76.
The megastar, born in Tennessee, overcame a stroke, cancer, and an organ transplant in the decades following the dissolution of her abusive marriage, which took place in 1976. She stated in her documentary that she "didn't spend much time" with her four sons. In one of the clips, she talks about being separated from her children and says, "I suffered but Ike didn't." "It was a source of suffering for me since I desired further time. I was aware that they required additional resources."
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