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  1. Who Is Tim Henson And Polyphia?
  2. How Many Tattoos Does Tim Henson Have?
  3. The Meaning Of Tim Henson's Tattoos
  4. Tim Henson - Net Worth
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The Prog God's Body Art - Tim Henson’s Tattoos: What Are They And Their Meanings?

Tim Henson has always been a constant source of attention for people who want to play the guitar better. Moreover, Tim Henson's tattoos are also drawing a lot of curious eyes. Today, we’ll share all the public information available to us about the tattoos of the legendary guitar god Tim Henson.


Who Is Tim Henson And Polyphia?

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Tim Henson (born November 19, 1993, in Texas) is the lead guitarist of the progressive/djent instrumental band Polyphia. They have been known for being the pioneers of a new genre of progressive/math rock that combined a lot of other elements from other genres of music.

Polyphia has released four full albums with their songs featuring top artists like Steve Vai for the song “Ego Death" and Chino Moreno’s Deftones for the song Bloodbath. Their latest album, “Remember That You Will Die,” debuted at number 33 on the Billboard 200 chart and number one on the US Top Hard Rock Albums chart.


How Many Tattoos Does Tim Henson Have?

It is very difficult to count the right number of Tim Henson’s tattoos. Tim has been known to have tattoos all over his body. Recently, in an interview with Kerrang, Tim shared that he is getting new tattoos on his lower body.

On one occasion, Lucky 11 Tattoo, a tattoo salon in Texas where Tim comes from, reported that Tim was getting a tattoo at their place, though they didn’t share any photos of that tattoo.


What Are Tim Henson's Neck Tattoos?

Tim Henson has never had many images of him without a shirt on, so it is difficult to spot what his neck tattoos look like. However, on the Rig-Talk forum, a forum where people talk about guitar, there has been speculation that Tim Henson’s neck tattoos look like Satan, even though his religion is known to be Christian.


The Meaning Of Tim Henson's Tattoos

tim henson neck tattoo Source: Google Images

Tim hasn’t publicly talked about the meaning of his tattoo or the shape of it. However, in the interview with Kerrang, Tim showed that he was doing a chrysanthemum tattoo.

In Chinese culture, the chrysanthemum tattoo means longevity and endurance. Perhaps this is one way for Tim to connect with his Chinese side. Tim used to have his Chinese mom tell him to stop having tattoos.


Tim Henson - Net Worth

Source: Kerrang

Tim Henson has been reported to have a net worth of over $900,000. His income does not only come from music and touring; Tim also has an active social media presence. Tim has a Tiktok named W6rst where he shares his thoughts and does guitar covers.



Tim Henson, the guitarist of the band Polyphia, is known for his extensive tattoo collection, including prominent neck tattoos. While he has shared anecdotes about his tattoos in casual conversations and interviews, he has never delved into the deeper meanings behind them publicly.

Tim’s body art remains a personal and enigmatic aspect of his identity, leaving fans to admire the intricate designs while speculating about the hidden stories behind them. Tim Henson’s tattoos are a testament to his individuality and unique style, adding to the mystique surrounding this talented musician and artist.

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