20 Things With Faces People Actually Spotted In Daily Life

Have you ever wondered why we are able to spot faces in everyday objects? And humans not only can notice faces in ordinary things, but our brains also analyze them for emotional expression. In science, they call this phenomenon "pareidolia". If you are a fan of our site, you probably know that we have already made some interesting compilations of things with faces before. In case you have missed those, here is the link to our recent round-up.
And today we are back with a new selection of intriguing things that have faces, you will feel like they are looking right at you. Scroll down to see now!

#1. What a nutty fella

Source: Dunja Shivan

#2. He's seen some ship

Source: Gabina Onthe Road

#3. ET phone home

Source: Dana Dunietz

#4. The little vacuuming man in my shower!

Source: Kate Whittaker

#5. My Evil Strudel....I'm suddenly not hungry...

Source: Ellen Phillipson

#6. Here’s a happy gatepost I spotted…

Source: Steve Broomhead

#7. This guy seems particularly happy for a Monday

Source: Katharine James

#8. Just wow

Source: Saiful Islam

#9. This overflowing cupcake ended up looking like an elephant

Source: IGY

#10. What the...?

Source: Ferdinando Palmeri

#11. A rare sighting of the Honey Monster on his day off

Source: Kristian Rossington

#12. Extreme side eye!

Source: Iva Jean

#13. I always feel like...somebody watching me...

Source: Brandi McIntyre

#14. Today at work, he looks like he's shocked somehow

Source: Sihle Fako

#15. Calcifer?!?!?

Source: Jackie Jablonski DeCesaris

#16. Ohhhh

Source: Alex Smithson

#17. Rawr

Source: Dorian Meyette

#18. Looking at that face I'd rather be alone

Source: Amira Levy

#19. Uh oh

Source: Penelope Nichols

#20. Looks like he has something in his mouth!?

Source: Claire Marie Tarrant

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