20 Pareidolia Examples That Are Hard To Overlook

Pareidolia is the tendency to perceive a particular, often an image of something real in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. To put it in another way, when you look at a random thing and see a face that actually doesn't exist, that's the psychological phenomenon we are talking about. Now let's start by looking around your room, does your plug have two eyes and one mouth? It's fun to spot pareidolia examples around us but sometimes it's very creepy though.
We collected 20 things that are easily recognizable as other objects to share with you. Scroll down to check out now! When you're done, have a look through our previous article here for more!

#1. Sassy-looking pole in the Nashville airport parking garage.

Source: AllDayGinger

#2. He's sad and tired

Source: jasontaken

#3. Ooohhh

Source: Bo0ombaklak

#4. What is he trying to tell me?

Source: ariadnev

#5. He won't be too happy when I eat him...

Source: Samlh931

#6. Just wow!

Source: brolbo

#7. Eating spaghetti

Source: backsquall18

#8. My little space heater is so cozy and content

Source: everymanawildcat


Source: dannyjones97

#10. One of us always tells the truth and one of us always lies

Source: DurantaPhant7

#11. Bathroom reno elephant

Source: yanquiUXO

#12. Water buffalo in the dentist's office

Source: GreenFinShark420

#13. Penguin? Duck?

Pareidolia ExamplesSource: LadyOfTheLakeMi

#14. Meep meep meep meep meep meeeeeeeep

Pareidolia ExamplesSource: electricwave66

#15. The bottom of this table

Pareidolia ExamplesSource: dunn_with_this

#16. A horse carrying another horse

Source: Admin_PM

#17. See these guys every morning in my kitchen

Pareidolia ExamplesSource: lallapalalable

#18. Odd defect in my gaming chair. Any fix for it?

Source: 77pearl

#19. I'm a HAPPY pizza!

Pareidolia ExamplesSource: merocet

#20. World wildlife federation

Source: Federal-Customer-432

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