24 Examples Of Things That Fit Into Their Surroundings

Do you love it when you spot two unrelated objects that create the perfect fit, exactly match in color, or blend like two peas in a pod? It's like a visual party for your eyes where things are very satisfying to see. If you got the chance to see such coincidences, you must be so lucky because they just happen out of the blue and once in a while. But if you don't see them yourself, don't worry because we have already wrapped up things that fit into their surroundings to share with you.
Keep scrolling down to see our compilation of photos showing unexpected examples of a perfect fit or match. Your eyes will be pleased and your mood will be lifted up after seeing these. If you are hungry for more, check out our previous articles here and here.

#1. My boyfriend's new shirt matches perfectly to his tattoo

Source: the_soup_whisperer

#2. My old phone case matched the table at a restaurant

Source: skidz007

#3. Ladies bathroom vs New boots

Source: Spidermanlikegoldman

#4. Nice shirt buddy!

Source: winter0991

#5. My gf found a chair that matched her shorts

Source: Adamblancher

#6. My German short haired pointer and my new rug

Source: blonde-doctor

#7. Our bird Jipje matching the carpet

Source: copydoge

#8. Building blends in with the sky

Source: Alaeriia

#9. Oops, dropped the soap!

Source: Still_Inflation6511

#10. Shoes accent the floor

Source: Alisunshinejoy

#11. Shadow perfectly fitting with the tiles

Source: LordPiki

#12. When I bake chocolate chip cookies, they camo to my counter top.

Source: King_Baboon

#13. This building in NY blends in almost perfectly with the cloudy sky

Source: Damaged_Antelope

#14. This cheese blends in with my countertops

Source: Jester6641

#15. The way my shoes match this hotel’s carpet perfectly

Source: MrsBarnes1988

#16. The picture on my cup matched my view of the ballgame

Source: paulisnofun

#17. This woman blends in pleasingly at Parque Guell in Barcelona

Source: Trapp123

#18. The cigarette butts are starting to blend in with the landscaping

Source: KuroiSuisei

#19. Just noticed this guitar pick kind of blends in with my kitchen table

Source: kwdookie

#20. Noticed this woman's skirt blended in with the floor while waiting for my parents at the airport

Source: OkMan123456789

#21. The way this building blends into the skyline

Source: cheesygordita24

#22. My shoes almost blend in with the carpet at school

Source: Shimmyftw

#23. This chameleon blends in with a chameleon puzzle

Source: reddit

#24. My sparkly shoes blend in with the sand

Source: gingerkitten6

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