25 Of The Best "Accidental Camouflage" Examples Shared On This Page

Despite having the most complete and complex brains compared to other species, we humans still are inevitably deceived by what we see sometimes. Or we can just blame things for their endless love of playing tricks with our eyes. Indeed, there are times when we just can’t tell two everyday things apart when they are together in a picture. The things in the photos just match each other so well that we almost got lost. Believe it or not, you may not be able to point out where the cat is in a photo if you don’t look at it twice.
There is a special corner on Reddit called “Accidental Camouflage” dedicated to sharing puzzling photos where things blend in with their surroundings in an incredible way. To properly understand what is going on in these pics, you may need to do a double-take. Check out our list of 25 of the best accidental camouflage examples below!

#1. When you want a cat but your family won't agree

Source: TheRavenStonn

#2. "Was told I should post this here... picked up this little guy and this is where he chose to lay."

Source: _Geiger

#3. This kid's head

Source: lauch_btw

#4. Great painting

Source: Eli-Cohen

#5. That escalated quickly...

Source: ImaginaryFriendster

#6. Roses are red...

Source: ImaginaryFriendster

#7. "Pic my husband took of me passing him a pencil"

Source: kitschier

#8. Only a top

Source: MrPotato341181

#9. "Just looked down at the floor in my hotel room"

Source: Garr52

#10. V O I D kitty

Source: ElMac65

#11. Marble floor probably wasn't the best idea

Source: VillainDeku

#12. "My Ultraboost match the carpet at work."

Source: mixtape82

#13. These leggings match the carpet

Source: Okama_G_Sphere

#14. In the subway today

Source: raketentreibstoff

#15. Beach with ears

Source: chanfle_

#16. Granny in the seed section

Source: RAITH222

#17. "My ceiling fan looks like it’s missing a blade in the right lighting"

Accidental CamouflageSource: Flaky_Ad_7205

#18. "I need to see this from another angle."

Accidental CamouflageSource: Zoxan11

#19. "My face mask dried unevenly & matches my sweat shirt"

Accidental CamouflageSource: Monsteradeliciosous

#20. This Christmas Tree has legs

Accidental CamouflageSource: dabason

#21. "Do you have any polka dot sandals?"

Accidental CamouflageSource: Okama_G_Sphere

#22. "My poor choice of dinner attire"

Accidental CamouflageSource: walters89

#23. Perfect

Accidental CamouflageSource: walters89

#24. How many avocados do you see?

Accidental CamouflageSource: jucapiga

#25. Nice bun

Accidental CamouflageSource: oomptyloompty

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