These Celebrities Got The Creepiest Fan Gifts Ever And They Will Freak You Out

Gifts are a great way to show our affection to the people we love. Many fans have used presents as a way to express their love for their idols. However, sometimes the admiration just goes too far and spirals right into the obsessive zone. Gift-giving becomes a nightmare and that's how these celebrities got the creepiest fan gifts ever.
From stalker love letters to human body parts, these gifts just send chills down your spine. Some of them sound like they come straight out of a horror show. So let's find out how these celebrities got the creepiest fan gifts ever and what present sounds the craziest.

1. Zac Efron - Human Skin

celebrities got the creepiest fan gifts Zac Efron - Human SkinSource: © Getty Images

Zac Efron had millions of girls going crazy for him after the High School Musical series. These crazy young females would do anything to attract the attention of their crush. One of them took it to the next level and sent him a piece of their own skin. Needless to say, Efron was deeply unsettled by this gift.

2. Taylor Swift - Turtle Shell

celebrities got the creepiest fan gifts Taylor Swift - Turtle ShellSource: © Getty Images

Christmas gifts are something we are always looking for each holiday season. However, one particular fan decided to give a pretty freaky gift to Taylor Swift. They sent her a package with a turtle shell with her own face painted on it.

3. Dolly Parton - A Baby

celebrities got the creepiest fan gifts Dolly Parton - A BabySource: © Getty Images

One of Dolly Parton's most famous songs is Jolene, so a fan decided to pay homage to her work by leaving a baby named Jolene at her doorstep. The singer found the baby a good home. To this day she still wonders who left that baby there.

4. Jared Leto – Human Ear

celebrities got the creepiest fan gifts Jared Leto – Human EarSource: © Getty Images

It's hard to beat Jared Leto when it comes to which celebrities got the creepiest fan gifts ever. He received a freaking human ear, which the fan cut off themselves. They even sent him a love note saying “Are you listening?” along with the ear. And Jared decided to make a necklace of the creepy gift and wore it around like no big deal. We can't decide who is more messed up in this case.

5. Anna Kendrick - Stalker Love Letter

celebrities got the creepiest fan gifts  Anna Kendrick - Stalker Love LetterSource: © Getty Images

This one came straight out of a murder flick. Anna Kendrick once received a fan letter that turned out to be a stalker love confession. It's extremely long and detailed. The unknown creepy fan was explaining why Anna Kendrick should be in a relationship with them. They even gave her a pair of diamond earrings as a courting gift! This, of course, freaked Kendrick out and she had to get rid of both items.

6. One Direction - Tampon, Toilet Seat, And Sanitary Napkin

One Direction - Tampon, Toilet Seat, And Sanitary NapkinSource: © Getty Images

One Direction is one of the biggest boy bands ever, and they sure as hell got some pretty freaky gifts over the years. Niall Horan once had a tampon from a fan mailed to his home address. Harry Styles received a toilet seat and a sanitary napkin with his name written on it in Sharpie. We hope that these items are new and have not been used.

7. Kesha - Human Teeth

Kesha - Human TeethSource: © Getty Images

This is kinda an exception from the other cases on this list. In 2014, Kesha asked her followers to send her teeth so she could create artwork from them. She was in rehab during that time and the rehab clinic would not allow real human teeth to be sent in. Kesha's request wasn't accepted, but thousands of fans sent their teeth to the facility during her stay. The things we do for love!

8. Norman Reedus - Dead Two-headed Squirrel

Norman Reedus - Dead Two-headed SquirrelSource: © Getty Images

This gift sounds like it comes straight out of a horror show. Norman Reedus's fans have some weirdos among them, and they come up with crazy ideas for gifts. During a fan event, Reedus received a taxidermied squirrel from a fan. The plot twist: the dead squirrel has two heads because the fan decided to sew an extra squirrel head to an already taxidermied squirrel. That admirer must be a fan of Frankenstein as well.

9. Avril Lavigne - A Dead Rabbit

Avril Lavigne - A Dead RabbitSource: © Getty Images

Rabbits are considered lucky animals in Japan. So to show their love for their idol, one mysterious fan decided to send Avril Lavigne a dead rabbit in the box during her tour in Japan. This sounds more like a threat than a love confession, but we guess that they see her as their bloody valentine eh?

10. Jonas Brothers - A Dead Baby Shark

Jonas Brothers - A Dead Baby SharkSource: © Getty Images

Jonas Brothers used to be one of the most popular boy bands back then, and it was pretty common for them to receive gifts from their admirers. However, one present stood out the most: a tiny baby shark preserved in a tube. The gruesome gift was sent by a female fan. To this day, the brothers still wonder where she found it and what made her give it to them.
There was no doubt that these celebrities got the creepiest fan gifts ever. Those presents really sound freaky. However, the act of gift-giving isn't always as bad as in these cases. On the contrary, we got the nicest gifts that celebrities ever sent to their fans, and they're quite wholesome to see. Find out here.
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