10 Nicest Celebrities Who Used Their Power To Help Their Fans

Not all heroes wear capes, and these guys are the perfect examples of that phrase. Looking back at all of their good deeds, we cannot help but feel like they are Hollywood's nicest celebrities. Not only did they have great talents in acting and singing, but these stars also have big hearts filled with love for their fans.
So let’s see how they have supported their followers and other people throughout the years. Here are the 10 nicest celebrities who used their power and money for greater purposes.

1. Taylor Swift

nicest celebrities Taylor SwiftSource: Invision / East News

Taylor Swift loves her fans and she does not hesitate to show her love for her followers. The famous singer once held gatherings at her home to show her music to her fans and gave them cookies that she made by herself. She also showed up to a fan’s bachelorette party with handmade gifts.
When Swift found out a fan was homeless, she gave her the biggest gift ever by helping her buy a house. The singer also sends her fans gifts at Christmas!

2. Nicki Minaj

nicest celebrities Nicki MinajSource: Invision / East News

Nicki Minaj wants her fans to have the best education they can have. She has been supporting her followers through social media for several years. The rapper would pay for school supplies, books, classes, tuition, and other expenses for outstanding students who do not have the necessary resources to stay in school. Her support has helped many of her fans to graduate from college and they expressed their gratitude for Nicki in their online posts.

3. Guillermo del Toro

nicest celebrities Guillermo del ToroSource: Invision / East News

Famous movie director Guillermo del Toro also helped a lot of struggling students achieve their dreams. In 2018, he offered to pay the expenses of attending the Mathematics Olympics in South Africa for 12 young people. Guillermo also supports a scholarship system for Mexicans who want to study animation at a renowned school.

4. Emma Watson

nicest celebrities Emma WatsonSource: Invision / East News

Emma Watson has a very strict rule against letting people take her pictures, but that doesn’t mean she dislikes creating good memories with her fans. She loves to talk with her fans and will answer as many of their questions about Harry Potter as she can. The actress even makes exceptions to take pictures with young children!
Emma once encountered a mother in a store and agreed to her request of making a video call to her daughter. The actress then saw a studying little girl, so she decided to help by encouraging her and wishing her the best of luck with her exam.

5. Keanu Reeves

nicest celebrities Keanu ReevesSource: Invision / East News

It would be a shame if we don’t mention Keanu Reeves’s name on the list of Hollywood’s nicest celebrities. This man is just 100% wholesome. He regularly donates to various causes. 70% of his earnings from the movie Matrix were donated to cancer research. Most recently, Reeves met a fan at a hotel where he was staying and decided to show up on their wedding day.
The movie star didn’t stay long, but his presence definitely left the couple with good memories. They all recalled that he was very kind. He even took the time to talk and take pictures with them.

6. Katy Perry

<a href=Katy Perry" />Source: Invision / East News

Katy Perry also donates to a lot of different causes. She once visited Grace, a fan who had to have surgery for a tumor in her head. Grace was quite upset as her surgery made her unable to attend her long-awaited concert. Katy decided to cheer the little girl up by going to her house and meeting her. The duo had a great afternoon. They sang together, talked, and took pictures.

7. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne JohnsonSource: Invision / East News

In 2021, Dwayne Johnson wanted to give one of his fans the Porsche Taycan that he drove in Red Notice as a gift, but Porsche refused. So the actor decided to do one better by giving away his personal custom truck.
The lucky fan is Oscar, a military veteran. Dwayne wanted to give him a gift for all of his services to the country. Upon seeing the truck and realizing that it was now his, Oscar fell to the ground in shock. He then hugged The Rock and had a very emotional moment with the movie star, thanking him for the gift.

8. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan ReynoldsSource: Invision / East News

In 2020, A 9-year-old Deadpool fan received one special gift from none other than Ryan Reynolds himself. The young boy had just moved with his family and feared he wouldn’t make new friends so he was quite upset. Words spread quickly on social media and Ryan Reynolds stepped in to help.
The famous actor sent the boy a heartfelt video, saying “I remember how alone I felt and unseen I felt. When you feel suffering and when you feel bad about something, you say it's because you feel like you're the only one. You're not alone.”

9. Jason Momoa

Jason MomoaSource: Invision / East News

Jason Momoa also gave one of his young Aquaman fans a FaceTime call when he found out that the little boy was battling cancer. The boy, Danny, was very happy that he could talk to his hero. After the touching call, Momoa urged his fans to help support Danny through GoFundMe. He also asked Warner Bros to send the boy his Aquaman’s trident as a good luck charm too.

10. Lorde

LordeSource: Invision / East News

Speaking of GoFundMe, Lorde also helped a family to repair their leaky home in Auckland, New Zealand with a generous $10,000 donation. The house was barricaded with high gates, safety glass, and windows with safety locks to care for an autistic 10-year-old named Rheegan. After she made the donation, the singer sent the family a letter writing, “Sending best wishes and love to you and your parents, Rhee.”
So you agree with our list of Hollywood’s nicest celebrities? Are there any famous stars that you want to add to the list? If you want more wholesome stories like these, check out our previous post on 10 celebrities who used their wealth to make a stranger's day.
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