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The Woman In The Wall 2024 Filming Locations: Explore The Northern Lands

So, The Woman In The Wall 2024's filming locations? If you have heard about this buzzing BBC thriller, it's not an uncommon question since the show is just sheer beautiful What makes it special? The breathtaking views of Ireland are showcased in the trailer. The beautiful landscapes of the Emerald Isle are impossible to ignore and add a magical touch to the show.

"The Woman in the Wall" brilliantly captures the essence of Ireland by filming in the picturesque regions of Northern Ireland and County Mayo. Ireland, often referred to as the green jewel, lends its spellbinding charm to the series with its mix of lush hills, stunning coastlines, and quaint villages. The choice of these locations is not just for their beauty; there are other significant reasons behind it.


Northern Ireland

The Woman In The Wall 2024 Filming Locations Source: Showtime
Joe Murtagh, the creative force behind "The Woman in the Wall," shared with BBC his motivation to spotlight the lesser-known Magdalene Laundries in his series. He aimed to present this tragic tale to a broad audience.
The series, while depicting London, was entirely filmed in Ireland. The team stayed on the Irish island, utilizing Northern Ireland's diverse landscapes to stand in for London. Northern Ireland is a filmmaker's dream, offering everything needed for cinematic brilliance.
The natural beauty of Northern Ireland is simply stunning. It's as if nature decided to pull out all the stops here. With its dramatic coastlines, verdant hills, and dense forests, the region is nothing short of mythical.
Among Northern Ireland's top attractions are the Giant’s Causeway and the Dark Hedges. The Giant's Causeway, with its unique rock formations, seems plucked from a fantasy movie, and the Dark Hedges, an eerie tree-lined road, could belong in either a fairy tale or a horror film. The majestic Mourne Mountains provide a perfect setting for fantasy or historical narratives.
Belfast, the capital, is a melting pot of creativity. The city's landscape varies greatly, from the modern Titanic Quarter to the gritty street art of the Cathedral Quarter, offering a plethora of filming backgrounds. Plus, the local charm adds to the ease of production.
A portion of "The Woman In The Wall" was filmed in Portaferry, a delightful coastal village located at the southern end of the Ards Peninsula in Northern Ireland.

County Mayo, Ireland

The Woman In The Wall 2024 Filming Locations Source: The Times
Kilkinure, the fictional village in "The Woman In The Wall," is actually set in County Mayo, located on Ireland's west coast. This isn't the first time County Mayo has been a popular choice for film and TV settings. It's been featured in productions like "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" (2023), "The Banshees of Inisherin" (2022), and "Reign" (2013–2017).
Producers are drawn to County Mayo for several reasons. Its varied landscape is like a dream setting straight out of Hollywood. There's the wild Atlantic coastline, verdant green valleys, and mysterious bogs that send shivers down your spine.
It's as if the entire county is a vast movie set. Don’t overlook the charming villages and picturesque towns, including Westport, known for its colorful Georgian houses and vibrant pubs — perfect for any heartwarming drama.
But the true gem of County Mayo is Achill Island. It stands out as the pinnacle of the county's natural beauty. With its imposing cliffs, hidden beaches, and undulating hills, it's a haven for cinematographers. Imagine shooting a thrilling chase along the cliffs or capturing a tender moment on a secluded beach. It's cinematic gold!

The Woman In The Wall 2024 Release Date

The Woman in the Wall will debut in the U.S. first on Paramount+ with Showtime on Friday, Jan. 19, and premiere on Showtime on Sunday, Jan. 21, at 9 p.m. ET.

Cast List: Who's Gonna Show Up?

The woman in the wall cast list Source: Showtime
Ruth Wilson plays the role of Lorna Brady, while Daryl McCormick portrays Detective Colman Akande. Wilson, who is also an executive producer of the series, described her character Lorna as "complex and fascinating."
The series also features a talented ensemble cast including Simon Delaney from "The Conjuring 2," Philippa Dunne from "The Nevers," Mark Huberman of "Band of Brothers," Hilda Fay from "Float Like a Butterfly," Frances Tomelty of "The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard," and Dermot Crowley from "Luther: The Fallen Sun."

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