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The White Lotus Finale Review: The White Lotus Ending Explained

Searching for The White Lotus Finale Review? Here we go! Tanya's supposed role as the series' interseasonal link has been thoroughly disproven. Spoilers for the Season 2 finale follow, in which Jennifer Coolidge's character winds herself on a boat where nobody is having a good time.
The series finale of Mike White and David Fincher's HBO Max show was a tour de force of biting social critique, clever writing, and stunning visuals. It tied up all but one loose end, and the idea was to leave the mystery of what happened between Ethan and Daphne hanging.

#1. The White Lotus Finale Review

The White Lotus Finale Review, white lotus finale explained Source: Netflix
To begin, let's talk about Tanya. Another death at the White Lotus resort would always be a stretch, but White went with the craziest and oddly most realistic alternative. Tanya, a successful businesswoman, discovered a photo of her husband Greg and a bankrupt British immigrant named Quentin wearing cowboy hats. (Though it's not 100% certain.) Since Greg stands to lose everything if he and Tanya ever split up, thanks to their prenup, she and her assistant Portia have concluded that Greg plotted Tanya's murder with his ex-lover Quentin.
In a terrifying moment, Tanya drops the phone with Portia and is confronted by a boatload of people who want to kill her. She tries to buy as much time as possible before Quentin's guy comes to take her to shore and probably kills her. Seeing her only chance of survival, Tanya boldly takes her murderer's duffle bag and locks herself in a room. She opens the bag and pulls out a revolver. Tanya braces as the door are kicked in and fire at everyone approach.
Tanya makes sure to ask Quentin before he coughs up blood and dies if Greg is cheating on her with another lady, just one of many examples of insane humor. Quentin looks at her in disbelief and then carks it (aka dying in British). Tanya tragically drowns after falling overboard while attempting to escape in a dinghy. She hit her head on the dinghy's railing before falling overboard. The bright colors of her outfit made the body we see in the first episode look like it was wearing board shorts.

The White Lotus Ending Explained

The White Lotus Finale Review, white lotus finale explained
The White Lotus was extended for a third season last month, surprising those who assumed Tanya would be the only recurring character. White has pulled one of his many clever rugs out from under that possibility. When Tanya knows that the White Lotus resorts are murder hotspots, why does she spend so much time there?
Or, he might be able to leverage a connection to one of the new characters presented in season 2 to bring the audience back. Though it's not looking likely, let's keep our fingers crossed that it's Aubrey Plaza's Harper. Sad but true, her lawyer, who first rolled his eyes and wasn't afraid to stand up for what he believed in, has adopted Cameron and Daphne's sham marriage. Whether or not she and Ethan accept each other's explanations about infidelity, it is now their only option for moving forward. They're both willing to put on an appearance of marital bliss and maintain an air of mystery around one another. They were a picture of calm and unity as they held each other in the airport.
After Ethan and Cameron have their inevitable encounter in the water, these events transpire. However, perhaps it would have been too harsh and ludicrous if one or both of them had died. The most shocking development was when Daphne surprised Ethan by taking him to the adjacent island of Isola Bella.


The White Lotus Ending Explained, white lotus finale explained
The resulting photo looks like one of those popular Instagram posts showing a couple walking hand in hand. It's unclear what transpired between them, but it appears likely, given Daphne's lack of concern about Ethan's suspicions that Cameron and Harper may have cheated. She drops a cryptic hint to Ethan: "You can love someone without knowing everything there is to know about them. Some intrigue? It's a little enticing..."
Similarly, the Di Grasso men depart Sicily fifty thousand euros poorer, but they don't seem to be phased by the situation. Though first deflated by the news that Lucia had been manipulating him the whole time, young Albie quickly moves on to his next target: a Portia who has had enough adventure and is now content to settle for the most boring and secure romantic alternative available. (For a split second at least, she seems ashamed that her boss has drowned to death.)
The second season of White Lotus, Sicily is a complete about-face, with no deaths and an upbeat conclusion for the staff. Instead of the wealthy taking advantage of the poor in season 1, it's the poor this time. Lucia made a ton of money, Mia is pursuing her ambition of being a singer, and Valentina, the hotel manager, has finally experienced her sexual awakening. As a result, she has already become less resentful and now happily assists her appreciative fiance Rocco at the concierge desk beside her former flame, Isabella.


The White Lotus Finale Review, white lotus finale explained
A close group of pals, Lucia and Mia, twirl triumphantly down the cobblestone streets à la Elena Ferrante. After being tracked down in a car by the Di Grasso family, Lucia briefly greets the now-cheeky waiter and reveals that the whole thing was an act to make the three generations of men believe that she was a hurt puppy in need of rescue.
The season finale of the great program was extremely rewarding, with Italy's spouting fountains and volcanoes serving as a fitting ending. The only thing that could have made this season finale better is if we got to see Albie's father's response when he found out that his son had been played, just as Albie had predicted.
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