The Snow Girl Ending: Fully Explained: Did Amaya Die At The End Of The Movie?

The Snow Girl (La chica de nieve) on Netflix is a new Spanish thriller series. There are six episodes to this mini-series and lots of mystery. A young girl disappears and both the police and a journalist search for her for years. The movie ending left us more questions than answers. Here is our full The Snow Girl series ending explanation here!

1. The Snow Girl: What is it about?

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The story of The Snow Girl begins with a festive scene in 2010. We’re in Malaga where the yearly Magi Parade (also known as the Three Wise Men parade) is in full swing. However, for the Martín family, this magical time of the year suddenly turns into a nightmare. Their daughter Amaya disappears in the vast crowd and is nowhere to be found.
Obviously, this becomes a police investigation since Amaya Martín is only 5 years old. The investigation is led by Inspector Millán, who is doing everything she can to find the child. Meanwhile, we follow Miren, a trainee journalist, who is working on this disappearance case even more intensely than the police.

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Fortunately, Inspector Millán (Aixa Villagrán) and investigative journalist Miren manage to work together for the most part. This becomes especially important when a VHS tape is sent to the journalist Miren six years into the disappearance of Amaya. On the tape, a girl who appears to be a recent recording of Amaya is shown.
While working on the disappearance of Amaya, Miren is also forced to confront a terrible part of her past that she would rather forget. A brutal attack that she can’t entirely remember, but which haunts her constantly pushes her to focus even more on Amaya’s case. Her mentor and journalist colleague Eduardo helps Miren. Especially because he knows about the past that torments her and recognizes that she won’t stop until Amaya Martín is found.

2. Who is the girl in the polaroid at the end?

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The end of The Snow Girl season 1 shows Miren two years after the case is solved. She is performing a reading for her new book. At the event, Miren receives an envelope from someone containing a polaroid of a young girl bound and blindfolded with the caption: Laura Valdivia, 2012. It looks like Miren will have another missing girl case to solve soon, which makes sense because that’s the same way the second book in Javier Castillo’s “Miren Triggs” series begins.

3. What happened to Amaya? Did she die?

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Amaya was kidnapped by one of Ana’s patients, a woman named Iris Molina. She took Amaya during the parade and coerced her husband, Santiago, into helping her with the kidnapping. For nine years, Iris kept Amaya isolated from the world and brainwashed her into believing she was Iris’s daughter. Iris even changed her name to Julia. Miren ultimately figures out that Iris is the kidnapper.
A panicked Iris crashes her car, planning to kill herself and Amaya so the authorities cannot take her away. Luckily, Amaya survives the accident and is later reunited with her parents. But the years of captivity with Iris make it hard for Amaya to understand who she is and what happened to her, so the ending is somewhat ambiguous as to the happiness of Ana, Álvaro, and Amaya’s reunion.

4. Who raped Miren?

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The identity of Miren's rapists are still unknown. We don’t learn the identity of Miren’s rapists in the show’s first season.

5. Miren murdered James Foster and David Luque?

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Yes, Miren is heavily implied to be responsible for the deaths of James Foster and David Luque. Eduardo discovers Miren's camera in her car in the season finale, and on it are several photos of David and James meeting at James' caravan. Miren used the photos to imply that the two men were working together and spying on users of the illegal porn site Slide.
The show implies that Miren leaked the list of user names James gave her, but she frames the two convicted pedophiles. It's unclear who murdered them, but it was likely someone seeking vengeance for believing they snitched. Miren did not physically murder them, but she did plan their deaths. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about TV & movies news.
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