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  1. The Rock Kidnapping Scandal - The Overview
  2. Origin Of The Rock Kidnapping Scandal: Why Did Trenesha Biggers File A Lawsuit Against Dwayne Johnson And Others?
  3. Is The Rock Lawsuit Moving Forward In Court? Is The Rock Getting Charged With Kidnapping?
  4. What Has Johnson Said About The Rock Kidnapping Scandal?

The Rock Kidnapping Scandal: Dwayne The Rock Johnson $3 Billion Kidnapping Lawsuit Receives Major Court Update

Fans were stunned earlier this year when it was revealed that Johnson was listed as a defendant in a $3 billion abduction case filed by former TNA (Total Nonstop Action) professional wrestler Trenesha "Rhaka Khan" Biggers (The Rock Kidnapping Scandal - Dwayne Johnson's $3 Billion Lawsuit).


The Rock Kidnapping Scandal - The Overview

The Rock Kidnapping Scandal - The Overview Source: Google Image

Dwayne Johnson, a Hollywood A-lister, has been implicated in a $3 billion abduction lawsuit that has lately seen some significant changes in court.

Johnson, along with numerous other celebrities, corporations, and organizations, including NBA superstar Michael Jordan, the New York Police Department, and Sigma Phi Epsilon, was accused of being involved in a huge plot to abduct former pro wrestler Trenesha Biggers and her children.

Dwayne Johnson, a well-known Hollywood actor, is well-known for his riveting action performances. He's also portrayed comedic roles with ease and skill, and he has a natural sense for comedic timing.

However, when news of Dwayne The Rock Johnson lawsuit initially broke, the singer found himself embroiled in a major scandal. There have also been significant developments in The Rock lawsuit.


Origin Of The Rock Kidnapping Scandal: Why Did Trenesha Biggers File A Lawsuit Against Dwayne Johnson And Others?

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Biggers' complaint cited several additional defendants in addition to Johnson. The defendants were listed on 23 pages, with some appearing more than once and others misspelled.

Those mentioned by the former TNA wrestler were allegedly involved in a plot to abduct her children. Biggers said in Inside The Magic that "Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia hired men to forcibly evict her from her house in Tampa Bay, and then drove her to a Miami hotel, where she was physically and emotionally abused."

Numerous celebrities, organizations, and corporations were named as defendants, including Michael Jordan, the FBI, Dany Garcia, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, The State of Texas, Bank of America, and Home Depot.


Is The Rock Lawsuit Moving Forward In Court? Is The Rock Getting Charged With Kidnapping?

The Rock Kidnapping Scandal - Court Source: Google Image

Recently, there have been some significant developments in the kidnapping litigation. The $3 billion abduction case against Dwayne Johnson and the other defendants has been "dismissed by District Court Judge Laura Taylor Swain," according to Disney Fanatic. It appears that neither The Rock nor Garcia will have to face legal action after all.

The plaintiff, Trenesha "Rhaka Khan" Biggers, alleged that over 1000 defendants "conspired to kidnap her and her children." Despite the fact that it seemed implausible for this many celebrities, organizations, and corporations to have conspired to abduct Biggers and her children, the case continued forward in court.

According to PW Insider, the former TNA star has been advised that she may proceed with her case against dozens of defendants, including WWE, Impact Personalities, and the NWA, among others, including Dwayne Johnson, and she can do so.

After being jailed, she alleged that "the judge overseeing her hearing ordered her released but her arrest and hearing allowed for the 'kidnapping' of her children and that the law enforcement agencies involved 'failed to intervene."

The Rock Kidnapping Scandal - Quote Source: Google Image

According to PW Insider, Biggers' complaint was dismissed by United States District Court Judge Laura Taylor Swain. Biggers was also "one of the most wanted fugitives in El Paso, Texas due to her attempts to escape the charges" before her apprehension in 2019.

This is undoubtedly wonderful news for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who has taken a few hits over the previous few months.

The actor and former wrestler may have paved the way for other wrestlers, such as John Cena and Dave Bautista, to break into the Hollywood business, but it was reported that The Rock was having difficulty getting the green light for several films following the failures of Black Adam (2022) and Disney's Jungle Cruise (2021).

Dwayne Johnson can now go on, doing what he loves without having to deal with the courts - or the press - over the former pro TNA wrestler's Disney kidnapping lawsuit.

Moving ahead, Dwayne Johnson's next major project will see The Rock return to The Walt Disney Company. Johnson will return as Maui in a live-action rendition of Moana. The next picture is scheduled for release in 2025, although production will allegedly begin in October.



What Has Johnson Said About The Rock Kidnapping Scandal?

disney kidnapping lawsuit Source: Google Image

There are no known connections between Johnson and Biggers. The Red Notice actor first remained silent about the claims. But, as time passed and the charges mounted, Johnson decided to speak up about the Rock kidnapping scandal. Johnson spoke about the charges made against him in the big lawsuit as the story gathered traction.

Johnson and his ex-wife and current business partner Dany Garcia collaborated to issue a public statement. They issued a brief statement through their attorneys on the massive kidnapping lawsuit in which they were both named defendants.

kidnapping lawsuit dwayne Source: Google Image

Amidst The Rock kidnapping scandal lawsuit Dwayne Johnson has stayed silent about the case except for this comment. This is most certainly the best option. If The Fate of the Furious star had continued to speak about it or discussed it with interviewers, the case would have received even more attention.

Johnson elected not to be associated with the litigation, which no one would want their name associated with, especially if it might only harm their reputation and career.

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