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  2. The Promised Land Trailer
  3. The Promised Land Movie Cast: Nikolaj Arcel Re-Teaming With Mads Mikkelsen
  4. A Gripping Narrative Of Ambition And Resilience
  5. Diversity Debate At The Venice Film Festival
  6. Can I Stream The Movie?
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The Promised Land (2023): Release Date, Mads Mikkelsen & Diversity Debate

Join us for this extraordinary journey in "The Promised Land" (2023), aka “Bastarden” in Danish. Mads Mikkelsen leads an exceptional cast in this historical epic, portraying the determined Captain Ludvig Kahlen.

Don't miss Mikkelsen's commanding performance and the exploration of ambition and resilience. Plus, dive into the diversity debate during the film cast's interview at the Venice Film Festival. Like a Danish says “let’s go”: Afsted!

The Promised Land Source: Google Images
DirectorNikolaj Arcel 
Nikolaj Arcel | Anders Thomas Jensen
IMDB Scores7.7/10
Original LanguageDanish
Budget$8 million

Release Date

The Danish historical drama is set to make its debut on the big screen, starting with its Danish release on October 5, 2023, offering local audiences the first glimpse into this captivating historical epic. Following its initial release, the film will make its way to the United States on February 2, 2024, allowing American viewers to immerse themselves in the tale of Ludvig Kahlen.


The Promised Land Trailer

In the trailer, Ludvig is depicted as an unwavering individual relentlessly pursuing his dream of wealth and conquest, even at the expense of his family and life. He justifies his choice by seeing it as humanity's mission to build civilization. 

As the trailer unfolds, the repercussions of Ludvig's audacious decision become clear as he clashes with Frederik de Schinkel, a ruthless landowner who claims the land as his own.


The Promised Land Movie Cast: Nikolaj Arcel Re-Teaming With Mads Mikkelsen

Fans can expect a talented team for its production, led by Academy Award nominee Nikolaj Arcel (The Royal Affair, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), who directs the film and collaborates with Danish screenwriter and director Anders Thomas Jensen on the script. 

The cast is headlined by Mads Mikkelsen, celebrated for his captivating performances in roles that involve overcoming significant challenges.

Here is a detailed list of cast members:

  • Mads Mikkelsen as Ludvig von Kahlen
  • Gustav Lindh as Anton Eklund
  • Amanda Collin as Ann Barbara
  • Kristine Kujath Thorp as Edel Helene
  • Søren Malling as Paulli
  • Felix Kramer as Balzer
  • Jacob Lohmann as Trappaud
  • Lise Risom Olsen as Kirstin
  • Thomas W. Gabrielsson as Bondo
  • Magnus Krepper as Hector
  • Morten Hee Andersen as Johannes Eriksen
  • Lasse Steen as Uldrich
  • Simon Bennebjerg as Frederik De Schinkel
  • Morten Burian as Lauenfeldt
  • Martin Feifel as Colonist Klein
  • Patricia Slauf as Kristel (Young Woman)
  • Joen Højerslev as Kusk
  • Melina Hagberg as Anmai Mus (as Hagberg Melina)
  • Jan Jankovský as Tater #1
  • Michael Brostrup as Arbejdsmand
  • Nanna Koppel as Lise
  • Finn Nielsen as Godsejer
  • Anna Filippa Hjarne as Anne
  • Olaf Højgaard as Preisler
  • Arved Friese as Colonist Claus
  • Laura Bilgrau Eskild-Jensen as Anmai Mus
  • Hans Christian Lundgren as Kaspar
  • Jirí Konvalinka as Rømer
  • Ivo Hanel as Militærmand
  • Josef Berousek as Tater #2
  • Nikol Kouklová as Antonius´ kæreste

A Gripping Narrative Of Ambition And Resilience

Source: Google Images

The historical drama narrates the true tale of Captain Ludvig Kahlen, a man whose unyielding determination and boundless ambition drive the narrative: to establish a colony in the name of the King. His relentless pursuit of wealth and conquest propels him forward, unheeding of the potential harm to his family and even his own life. 

Ludvig's justification for this daring endeavor sets the stage for a clash with the merciless landowner Frederik de Schinkel. As their fierce and brutal confrontation ensues, neither man is willing to yield, even if it means facing personal devastation. 


Diversity Debate At The Venice Film Festival

During the Venice Film Festival, Mads Mikkelsen and Nikolaj Arcel were asked by a Danish reporter about the lack of diversity in “The Promised Land”, worrying that it might affect the movie’s application for the 2024 Academy Awards.

The reporter then also mentioned the irony of how South Korea’s "Parasite" won the award, though lacking diversity. Mikkelsen was taken aback and challenged the journalist by asking, "What are you on?" And asked the reporter to answer it by himself. 

Director Arcel intervened, highlighting a significant plotline in the film involving a girl of color who experiences racism, adding that she was likely the only person of color in Denmark at that time. He defended the film's portrayal of historical accuracy in the context of the 1750s. 

To clarify the reporter’s concern, the new diversity and inclusion standards for the Oscars, will only come into effect in 2024. As a result, no such requirements were not in place during the 2020 awards when "Parasite" won.


Can I Stream The Movie?

As of now, there is no confirmed streaming platform for its digital viewing. The focus is on its cinematic debut, allowing audiences to experience the grandeur of the big screen as they follow Captain Ludvig Kahlen's determined journey through the harsh Danish heath.



As the release date of "The Promised Land" draws near, the excitement continues to build for this remarkable historical drama. Mads Mikkelsen's commanding presence ensures a captivating cinematic experience, making it a must-watch for film enthusiasts. Keep an eye on the theaters, for Ludvig Kahlen's journey awaits, and Mikkelsen's performance promises to leave an indelible mark on the silver screen.

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