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  1. #1. New Naruto Series: Comprehensive Updates

The New Naruto Series: Comprehensive Updates

Searching for information about the new Naruto series? Here we go! At the Naruto Boruto Jump Festa 2023 Super Stage event, fans are holding their breath in anticipation of the introduction of a new Naruto series. Fans have been speculating about the potential subject matter of the next Naruto anime, while rumors of a remake of the first Naruto series have been gaining some traction recently.
To provide background information for those who are unaware, Jump Festa 2023 kicked off today, and major media houses in Japan are preparing to announce their next initiatives. This is the first day of a two-day celebration, with today as the kickoff. This is the first time the event will be live-streamed worldwide, giving fans all over the world the opportunity to witness the event at the same time as supporters in Japan.

#1. New Naruto Series: Comprehensive Updates

New Naruto Series
The Naruto Super Stage event is scheduled to start at 3.35 p.m. Japan Standard Time (JST) today, and the panel is scheduled to last for 40 minutes before coming to a close at 4.15 p.m. JST. At the upcoming Super Stage event, it is expected that three significant projects will be shown, along with a new arc for the Boruto anime that will begin in January 2023.
Please take note that the Naruto stage is now over, and the following three announcements have been made:
  • 1. "NarutOP 99" is an online popularity contest where viewers can vote for their favorite Naruto characters. A one-shot manga will be created for the character that receives the most votes.
  • 2. Naruto Music concert
  • 3. Sasuke retsuden new key visual
  • 4. Boruto to adapt code arc in 2023

Expectations for a new Naruto anime

There has been a plethora of speculation and evidence posted on Twitter regarding what the Naruto Super Stage event might reveal. The person known as @Abdul Zol2 published a scanned image on his site and provided his thoughts on the announcements that are rumored to be made during the Naruto Boruto Super Stage event.
The scan that can be seen below suggests that the Naruto and Boruto JF2022 Stage will unveil three new significant projects. Beginning in January of 2023, there will be a new story arc for the Boruto anime!
Many fans are under the impression that the introduction of the new spinoff series starring Sasuke would also take place at the Super Stage event. The light novel Sasuke Retsuden, which has been extremely popular in the manga community and has now been given an official translation into English, was originally written in Japanese. The fact that some of the events of Sasuke Resuden take place during the events of Boruto makes it an ideal candidate for animation.


New Naruto Series
The fact that Viz released a reanimated trailer dubbed Road of Naruto on the 20th anniversary of the anime's original airing on October 3, 2022, has also contributed to the proliferation of rumors regarding the production of a new version of Naruto. It is almost certain that the revamped and more aesthetically pleasing version of the anime will win over fans and build a lot of anticipation for the series.
Since the Code Arc has not yet begun, the third possibility is that there will be another Boruto film. Several fans are keeping their fingers crossed that an announcement will be made regarding a new CyberConnect 2-headed Boruto game. Despite this, the wait may be somewhat extended in this scenario.
Only a few hours are left until the Naruto Boruto Jump Festa 2023 Super Stage event. It will be a really exciting occasion for Naruto fans because they are desperate for new content. Many people are looking forward to finding out what the next Naruto anime will be about and if it will be a remake, a spinoff, or a stand-alone one. There is a lot of conjecture floating around at the moment, and fans can't wait till the Naruto Boruto Super Stage Event to get some genuine answers to their questions.
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