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  1. #1. The Last Of Us Season 1 Review: Is This Worth Watching?

The Last Of Us Season 1 Review: The Most Objective

Searching for The Last Of Us season 1 review? The best adaptations don't try to fool people into thinking they've read the original. Still, rather they aim to enrich the experience of those familiar with the source material while also serving as an entry point for those who aren't.
The Last of Us on HBO is a fantastic reworking of a beloved video game story, capturing the essence of what made the game special for so many and releasing it once again for maximum impact. Brilliantly depicting what it means to discover hope and love in a world focused on eradicating both, The Last of Us is a thrilling experience from start to finish, largely due to the two superb performances of its stars.

#1. The Last Of Us Season 1 Review: Is This Worth Watching?

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Even when the camera is focused on terrible sights, The Last of Us is visually stunning. Most buildings are run down, with old paint flaking off the walls and fungus veins creeping over the flooring. When winter arrives and snow blankets the countryside, it evokes images of classic westerns. The visuals in The Last of Us are impressive, but the show shines in the aural department.
In a world so silent that the slightest noise may be startling, cries from afar and adjacent clicks can reverberate frighteningly across landscapes. The original score is also excellent, blending themes from Gustavo Santaolalla's legendary score with new compositions that pulse and propel through the film's most action-packed sequences. The Last of Us has a similar tone to Cormac McCarthy's The Road and its film version, but it never quite manages to be as relentlessly depressing as any of those works.
After every serving of morbidity, there is a touch of humor or a ray of hope. To begin with, The Last of Us looks and feels more like Alfonso CuarĂ³n's Children of Men, but towards the end of the season, it's clear that there's a lot left in the world worth fighting for. There are mostly muted tones of grey, green, and brown, although there are intermittent flashes of fire and shooting.


The Last Of Us Season 1 Review
Both novels center on the successful smuggling of a young lady and the strength of love and the human spirit in the face of mother nature's cruelest will. Both depict cities bombed to the ground but show signs of life and echoes of a civilization worth surviving. Very few static shots are used, which is thematically appropriate given the story's constant movement around the country. There are no flashy Hollywood dance numbers or superhuman achievements.
Everything feels real and raw, with action that verges on the sloppy. In a fight, Joel's perspiration and anxiety permeate the air, grounding the action in the real danger of each exchange. Aside from a few memorable gunfights, The Last of Us focuses more on the aftermath of violence than on the violence itself. Shots are heard long before they are repeated. The infected make rare but terrifying appearances, and action is employed sparingly.
Seeing the infected up close, with their new fibrous nature, is repulsive; fuzzy tendrils creep out of their mouths like nesting xenomorphs. Their mushroomed scalps make them all the more terrifying, such that Joel and Ellie's weapons are of little use against them. The infected mostly make themselves known in the game through gameplay and battle.


The Last Of Us Season 1 Review The Last Of Us Season 1 Review
Since it doesn't have to rely on providing a player with continual hand-holding, the program can concentrate on the human tales already there in this universe, which it accomplishes to excellent effect. However, there were instances during the nine episodes that I wished we had seen the clickers more frequently so that we could better appreciate the fear they may cause.
The story mostly sticks to the original, although it does deviate from the norm at times to shed light on underexplored areas of the globe. It's not uncommon for certain attempts or pieces of talk to inspire top performance from the team. Leonardo DiCaprio indicates the TV impressions, which, critically, never feel clumsy since they fit so well with the whole style. The extensive use of flashbacks provides a broader view of the world, from a personal to a social level, and of life before and after the pandemic.
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