The Last of Us: Are Ellie and Riley In Love? Real Story Explained

The Last of Us fan-base is giving the HBO Max Twitter account a hard time after they posted a picture of Ellie and Riley with the caption "That best friend stare". As everyone anticipates a heartfelt remake of Ellie and Riley's relationship in the upcoming Left Behind adaptation, the Last of Us community is lightening the mood by poking fun at the account. What is the real relationship between Ellie and Riley in The Last of Us

#1. Are Ellie and Riley Best Friends or More?

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Yesterday, the official HBO Max Twitter account shared a still from the episode of Ellie and Riley staring at each other on the carousel inside the abandoned shopping center. That's all well and good, but the caption "That best friend stare", has fans of the series giving the account a side-eye state of their own.
The comments underneath the post are full of memes pointing out the fact that Ellie and Riley are much more than best friends, with some of the best memes including one of Joel and Ellie with a rainbow flag and question mark above their head, and an image of Daisy and Peach kissing each other with the caption "best friends". Yep, just gals being pals.

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In all seriousness, the real reason why HBO is choosing to call Ellie and Riley "best friends" in this promo image is likely just to avoid spoilers for those who are brand-new to The Last of Us. Those who played Part 1 and Part 2 will obviously be aware of Ellie being gay and her tragic relationship with Riley, but it's not yet been mentioned on the show, so it's likely HBO Max doesn't want to spoil it.
For those who are worried that this HBO might somehow end up changing Ellie's sexuality in the show, don't worry. Not only would that be the stupidest move it could possibly do, but it's already been confirmed that Ellie will remain a lesbian in the show, will Bella Ramsey even recently commenting that they were excited to see the Ellie and Dina romance play out in Part 2.
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#2. Is Ellie Gay in The Last of Us? Is Ellie in Love with Riley?

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If Ellie isn’t in love with Riley, then she’s certainly on her way to falling in love with her. After Riley says that she’ll stay, Ellie kisses her. She immediately apologizes, which prompts Riley to ask “For what?” They both giggle and look at each other lovingly.
This isn’t a one-off moment. Ellie is a lesbian in both the game and the HBO show. Not only does she kiss Riley in the Left Behind DLC, but her companion in The Last of Us Part II is her eventual girlfriend, Dina. The two even share a dance that’s one of the most romantic moments brought to a video game.

#3. The Last of Us Gives Ellie a Beautiful Gay Love Story 

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The post-apocalyptic world of "Left Behind" is seen through the eyes of two people, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. Joel rarely appears, and when he does, he is either delirious from the wound he suffered at the end of "Kin" or unconscious. Ellie's life before she met Joel is a flashback to her time in the Boston FEDRA school, where she was both smart and a smartass. Over the course of the episode, she suffers the pain of both, all in the same person: her best friend Riley. The flashbacks reveal that Riley has gone AWOL from the school, leaving Ellie without a companion and protector.
Captain Kwong tries to convince her to follow the rules and become a FEDRA officer, but the Ellie we know isn't much on rules and regulations. When Riley returns, he takes Ellie for a perfect night together at an old shopping mall, where they ride a carousel, take pictures in a photo booth, play arcade games, and generally have a blast. There are arguments along the way, when Ellie finds out that the Fireflies have been stashing pipe bombs at the mall, and gifts, as Riley gave Ellie the new pun book that she loves reading aloud to Joel. Ultimately, it is Ellie's last night with Riley, and it is hard to not get caught up in the euphoria that surrounds them. Ellie and Riley are having a romantic evening, dancing to Etta James' "I Got You Babe".

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Riley turns the power back on, and Ellie's smile is bright enough to light up the mall. However, FEDRA fails to notice the drain on the power grid, and Ellie and Riley are attacked by a mushroom creature. Ellie manages to fatally stab it in the head, but both girls have been cut and assume they will turn soon. This dramatic twist could emotionally cripple someone. Ellie is better able to function than Joel in the years since Sarah died, but the parallels between their past and present situations are clear.
In the present, Ellie rejects Joel's request, grabs a needle and thread, and attempts to sew up his wound. In the past, Ellie had to leave Riley behind, but for the moment, she has found some familial love to buoy her after the loss of romantic love. The show has also depicted various depictions of love, such as Frank helping Bill create, Henry making sacrifices for Sam, and Joel's fear of letting Ellie down. is a website that provides you with sport updates and Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated TV & Movies.
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