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  1. When Is The Inventor's Release Date?
  2. Is There A Trailer For The Inventor?
  3. Who Is In The Cast Of The Inventor?
  4. What Does The Inventor Revolve Around?
  5. The Inventor Tells the Story of a ‘True Superhero’
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The Inventor Sets New Release Date In September: Everything You Need To Know

Let’s find out what’s to come in this animated movie The Inventor now! This film, which is set to be one of Blue Fox Intertainment's standout releases in 2023, will explore the story of one of the greatest painters in the world - the Renaissance genius, Leonardo da Vinci.

The stop-motion animation film The Inventor will not disappoint you with his unique perspective on his life. What’s more mind-blowing? The film is a co-production of multiple nations, including the United States, France, and Ireland. Keep scrolling down and check out everything you need to know about the movie!


When Is The Inventor's Release Date?

the inventor release date Source: ©Curiosity Studio
Blue Fox Entertainment will release the film The Inventor in the United States on 15 September 2023, while KMBO will release the film theatrically in France on 31 January 2024.

Is There A Trailer For The Inventor?

Source: Blue Fox Entertainment
The Inventor is released on Friday, September 15, 2023. On the same day, 12 other films were released, including A Haunting in Venice, Camp Hideout, and A Million Miles Away.

Who Is In The Cast Of The Inventor?

The Cast Of The Inventor
  • Stephen Fry as Leonardo da Vinci
  • Marion Cotillard as Louise of Savoy
  • Daisy Ridley as Marguerite
  • Matt Berry as Pope Leo X
  • Jim Capobianco as Cardinal of Aragon-
  • Max Baumgarten as Il Boccador / King Charles of Spain
  • Ben Stranahan as Page
  • John Gilkey as Gravedigger John / Giuliano
  • Jane Osborn as Gravedigger Jane
  • Angelino Sandri as Francesco Melzi
  • Daniel Swan as King Henry the VIII

What Does The Inventor Revolve Around?

The movie tells the story of inventor Leonardo da Vinci, who goes from Italy to the French court to freely pursue his experiments.

In this whimsical world of inventions, with flying machines, kings, queens, and tricky spies, everything goes wrong for the world's greatest inventor, and he's always short on time.


The Inventor Tells the Story of a ‘True Superhero’

In an interview with Deadline, Director Jim Capobianco explained why he felt compelled to tell the story of Leonardo da Vinci, and why it's a project he's wanted to make for a long time.

“The Inventor was sparked by the idea that Leonardo da Vinci probably had bad days as well as good,” he said. The director went on: “He banged his knee, jumped for joy, whispered softly, wept, got frustrated, and felt anger. He was human after all.”


Featuring da Vinci as a “true superhero,” Capobianco continued,

“Although Leonardo was probably the smartest guy in the room, he was likely also the loneliest. It was the Renaissance era. It was a time when it was widely believed metal could be turned into gold, the Earth was considered the center of the universe, and our planet was flat.

Few people understood his ideas. It was from these musings that I created the animated short Leonardo in 2009, and years later, I still felt compelled to explore his world more deeply with The Inventor.”



The Inventor, directed and written by Jim Capobianco (the Academy Award-nominated screenwriter of “Ratatouille”), is a stop-motion adventure film that promises to exceed the expectations of stop-motion fans.

Mark your calendar: The Inventor will be nationwide released on Friday, September 15, 2023, with the exciting journey of one of the greatest painters in the world!

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