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  1. #1. The Ending Of The Menu Explained Comprehensively

The Ending Of The Menu, Explained Comprehensively

Searching for the ending of The Menu explained? Mark Mylod's The Menu is an outstanding black comedy horror picture that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats throughout. The film's concept is straightforward: a group of A-listers visits an isolated island so they may dine at chef Julian Slowik's five-star Hawthorne establishment.
The story's direction from here on out will be fascinating to see, as it comments on the super-rich, their hollow rituals of excess, and their horrible and satisfying deaths. Despite its offbeat nature, "The Menu" is an enjoyable film that will provoke reflection long after watching it.

#1. The Ending Of The Menu Explained Comprehensively

Ending Of The Menu Explained
Once Margot reaches the island's shore, she finds a tiny speedboat and uses it to leave the island. Meanwhile, the other attendees at Slowik's spooky dinner party continue to eat and drink. The famous chef had requested Tyler, a blind fan, to prepare a meal for him. Tyler does so cautiously since he thinks he is a chef, but when he serves Slowik, Slowik scorns the food and harshly condemns Tyler.
Tyler kills himself after receiving such harsh criticism from the person he has always looked up to. Slowik finishes the meal by making s'mores for dessert while the remaining guests are still around. The chef and his staff prepare a large-scale version of the dish and have the guests dress in marshmallows from head to toe with chocolate hats on their heads. Then, in an attempt to cook the marshmallows, he sets fire to the entire establishment, killing everyone within.


Ending Of The Menu Explained Ending Of The Menu Explained
The chef and his staff set themselves on fire, causing the restaurant to burn and destroy itself quickly. At this point in her voyage, Margot's boat has run out of gasoline, and she is watching an explosion unfold on the island. Margot pulls out the hamburger she'd brought and eats it, then wipes her lips with the menu she was given as part of the gift bag.
Since Margot's boat is abandoned in the middle of the ocean, her fate is kept a secret. The important point is that she successfully evacuated the island without causing any casualties, despite being warned against doing so by Julian Slowik. It's possible Slowik knew she'd get away, and he could have even liked the idea of having someone challenge his story.
Slowik doesn't appear to mind if Margot gets away because she isn't part of the group he is plotting against. He seems to have intended to undermine the privileged types who have made dining out a status symbol. Slowik murders his victims in a traditional dark comedy fashion by turning them into life-sized s'mores and then cooking them to death.
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