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Who Plays Moses In Miss Scarlet & The Duke? Meet Ansu Kabia

"Miss Scarlet & The Duke," an engaging British period detective series, introduces viewers to a variety of interesting people. Among them, Moses stands out as a unique and complex figure. Portrayed by the talented Ansu Kabia, Moses's character moves through the story, making it more interesting.


Who Is Moses In Miss Scarlet & The Duke?

Moses In Miss Scarlet and The Duke Source: Element 8 Entertainment
Moses, played by Ansu Kabia, is an interesting character who changes from a famous Jamaican criminal to a main helper for the protagonist, Eliza Scarlet. Initially, Moses, working as a guard in a Soho club, is a big challenge to Eliza in her first case. His strong presence and strong connection to London's underworld initially position him as an adversary. However, Eliza's boldness and persistence earn his respect, marking the start of an evolving relationship.
Moses' character is complex and well-rounded. Beyond his criminal side lies a personality that values determination and bravery, qualities he sees in Eliza. This change from enemy to friend is key to his character development, as he becomes extremely helpful to Eliza with his wide knowledge of the criminal underworld.
Physically strong and good at getting through the dangers of Victorian London, Moses' presence makes the story deeper. He helps Eliza into the city's criminal activities, aiding her investigations with his connections and insights. Despite his part in crime, Moses emerges as a detailed character, showing he's honorable in his interactions, especially with Eliza, showing how important he is in the story.

Get To Know Ansu Kabia

Ansu Kabia, a well-known British actor, started out in the acting world after attending the Drama Centre London. He honed his skills with the famous Royal Shakespeare Company Ensemble, building a solid base for his varied career.

Ansu Kabia’s TV Shows & Movies

  • Miss Scarlet & the Duke as Moses
  • The Sandman as Ruthven Sykes.
  • The Irregulars as John Cooper.
  • Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw as a UK Newsreader.
  • World on Fire as Eddie Knight
  • Snow White (upcoming) as the Huntsman
  • The Long Song as James Richards
  • I May Destroy You as Derae
  • 10 Days to War as Charlie

Beyond On-Screen Performances

In addition to his work in movies and TV, Ansu Kabia has made big contributions to the theater. His performances in productions such as "To Sir, With Love," "The Jungle," "Hamlet," and "Romeo and Juliet" have been well-liked, demonstrating his range and ability to grab people's attention on stage as well.


Kabia keeps a private life, especially his personal life. Details about his family or romantic involvements stay private, in line with his preference for privacy.

Social Media

Ansu Kabia can be found on Instagram with nearly 1k followers.

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