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The Curse (2023) Episode 5 Preview: “It's A Good Day”

As the curtains closed on "The Curse: Episode 4 - Under the Big Tree," we ventured deeper into the labyrinthine lives of Asher, Whitney, and Dougie. Their paths, tangled with ambitions and ethical quandaries, set the stage for Episode 5, "It's A Good Day." What shadows and light will this new chapter cast on our protagonists' journey?

What Happened in the Previous Episode?

What Happened in the Previous Episode? Source: SHOWTIME
Episode 4 unveiled a mosaic of complexities. Asher's obsession with a curse spiraled, impacting his actions and relationships, especially with Abshir and his daughters. Meanwhile, Whitney's compromise on her ideals for Flipanthropy's success painted a stark picture of her internal struggles. 
Dougie's lonely world, punctuated by a misguided escapade with minors, added layers to his intricate character. Each arc, though distinct, wove a common thread of personal battles and moral dilemmas.

The Curse Episode 5 Preview

The Curse Episode 5 Preview Source: SHOWTIME
“It's A Good Day” anticipates continuing these tangled narratives. Asher's fixation with the curse might reach a critical juncture, possibly affecting his marriage with Whitney. His growing paranoia could lead to dramatic, unforeseen consequences, especially with his storyline's persistent theme of curses.
Whitney's conflict between commercial success and ethical integrity is poised to intensify. The friction with Vic, their first passive home buyer, hints at upcoming turmoil. This episode might explore her grappling with the harsh realities of her ambitions, possibly leading to confrontations or realisations that challenge her perspective.
Dougie’s journey, shadowed by his past and current misadventures, could see him seeking redemption or further spiraling into his internal conflicts. His actions in Episode 4 suggest a man on the brink – could Episode 5 be a turning point for him?

What To Expect in “It's A Good Day?”

  • Asher's Curse: Reality or Illusion? Will the curse's hold on Asher tighten, or will a revelation free him from its grip?
  • Whitney's Ideals vs. Reality: How will Whitney navigate the chasm between her eco-warrior ideals and the pragmatic demands of her business?
  • Dougie's Search for Purpose: Might Dougie's actions lead to a deeper understanding of himself, or will they further alienate him from those around him?
  • Moral Quandaries: Ethical dilemmas will continue to be a central theme, testing the characters' convictions and choices.

Release Date & Where To Watch

"The Curse: Episode 5 - It's A Good Day" will air at 9 p.m. PT on Paramount+ from December 8 and on Showtime on December 10 at midnight ET.
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