'The Bachelor' Season 27 Episode 5 Recap: Who Went Home?

ABC’s The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 5 features Zach Shallcross with the remaining 11 women in London. How did Shallcross’ sole London date go? And who went home in The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 5? Buckle up for Decider’s The Bachelor Season 27, Episode 5 recap.

Shallcross, dressed sharply in a suit, appeared virtually on a giant monitor for the rose ceremony. He addressed the women, reflecting on the unusual and one-of-a-kind quality of the week. Shallcross felt comforted and got the clarity he required despite the virtual cocktail party. "And that's all I can ask," he said. Then came the pivotal moment - the rose ceremony. Shallcross called each lady down one by one to accept a rose, giving everyone saves Kaity Biggar virtual air hugs. Greer eventually won the coveted final rose.
Two candidates were eliminated, which was unfortunate. Kylee Russell and Mercedes Northup were sent home, leaving the other women to continue their trip with Shallcross. Watch The Bachelor Season 27 for all the drama and romance!

#1: Why Mercedes Northup was eliminated?

Mercedes with ShallcrossSource: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

On the show, a group of ladies waiting for a card that will reveal who will go on a date with the man they all want. One of the women, Mercedes, says she really doesn't want to be picked for the group date. Her name is called, and she will not be having the one-on-one date she had hoped for.
Mercedes apologizes to the women as soon as she hears her name. She then starts weeping. "I'm going to hyperventilate, I literally can't," she says before sobbing and exiting the room. “Mercedes is having a moment,” says Charity Lawson. “She is reacting pretty heavily to not getting the one-on-one date. I feel for her, I just wasn’t expecting it to be this hard for her.” "Mercedes was eliminated in London," says Reality Steve. It appears she got food poisoning there.

#2: Why Kylee Russell went home?

Mercedes Northup and Kylee Russell Source: Distractify

Zach Shallcross acquired COVID during the crew's London vacation, prompting him to miss the group hang and cancel his one-on-one session with Charity Lawson. Kylee Russell, who was pivotal in Anastasia Keramidas' elimination a week ago, didn't think the virtual cocktail party was enough to advance her connection with the Bachelor.
Mercedes Northup and Kylee Russell went in The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 5, leaving nine women to go from London to Estonia. During the rose ceremony in episode 5, Brooklyn, Katherine, Ariel, Aly, Charity, Kaity, Greer, and Jess all receive roses from Zach, while Gabi receives a rose on the sole one-on-one date. is a website that provides you with Entertainment news to brighten your day. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to know more about updated TV & Movies.
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