Tech Support People Are Sharing Nightmarish Cases They've Encountered

Most of us aren't tech-savvy people. Therefore, sometimes we can't feel the pressure that tech support people feel. They have had to deal with a slew of nightmarish hardware cases that are so bad you can't believe your eyes. Then, you start wondering how people can leave their computers, mouses, and USB ports in such a state. To help you feel the pain of IT workers, we are going to show you guys 30 ridiculous requests that they have received.
Below are some of the worst hardware cases from the subreddit r/techsupportgore. Scroll down to check them out. You might be able to relate to these people's suffering if you've ever tried to teach your boomer parent or grandmother how to use a phone. We have already written about this topic before. If you are still thirsty for nightmarish cases of tech support gore, check out our previous articles here, here and here.

#1. So Mac doesn't support windows but at least it supports doors

Source: BateauSai

#2. My mom said that it once shocked her when she plugged it in

Source: GeroX13

#3. Why won’t my call go through?

Source: ComeGetYourOzymans

#4. Traveled 1000km to fix 5 brand new Desktops which are slow for strange reasons. Strange reasons:

Source: crippledchameleon

#5. Time to hang up the wreath

Source: Juan-Quixote

#6. What does the word "fragile" mean?

Source: DiogoSN

#7. Wondering the story behind this

Source: FinishedToxicity

#8. "On a scale of one to ten how recoverable is the data on this disk?"

Source: Orgy-Wan-Kenobi-Sama

#9. Not OC but this hurt me enough to hurt you too

Source: BuJH7

#10. I drove over an hour for this

Source: fUnderdog

#11. "My PC shut off suddenly and won't turn back on."

Nightmarish CasesSource: katushenciya

#12. Is anybody up for charbroiled GPU?

Nightmarish CasesSource: dandilycrosscut

#13. DJ Electrocutioner

Nightmarish CasesSource: Gloear

#14. I tried setting my alarm for tomorrow… I may need a new clock

Nightmarish CasesSource: Antakad

#15. Just realized I haven't had to do this for years

Nightmarish CasesSource: Rufus_Dufus

#16. Braided cables

Nightmarish CasesSource: SweetlySmooth

#17. Not my image but oh dear...

Nightmarish CasesSource: Gooberg_

#18. Brand new laptop off the truck

Nightmarish CasesSource: Toxicwaste4454

#19. So, how much thermal paste should I use?

Nightmarish CasesSource: JanderPanell

#20. I can't even...

Nightmarish CasesSource: TheAnswerToYang

#21. My friend drilled holes in his mouse to make it lighter so it would give him an "advantage"

Nightmarish CasesSource: Precastpie

#22. The user spilled coffee on his laptop - so he put it in the oven to dry it out...

Nightmarish CasesSource: smarthawk

#23. PS5 in for HDMI replacement. Kid said “I pushed the cable in a little too hard”

Nightmarish CasesSource: cdq1985

#24. My grandpa thought his headphone jack was a screw hole

Nightmarish CasesSource: endmethanks

#25. My friend kept this in his bedside table... Literally a bomb

Nightmarish CasesSource: dunklesToast

#26. This hurts to see

Nightmarish CasesSource: IrishKing

#27. Computer froze boss

Nightmarish CasesSource: Taylor-it

#28. Demo unit at my local Walmart. I can't believe it still functions

Nightmarish CasesSource: TGGAAGEERS

#29. Did it arrive as expected? Ummm...

Nightmarish CasesSource: reddit

#30. Customer: Battery doesn’t last long

Nightmarish CasesSource: MomAndDadsSpaghetti

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