Tech Support Workers Share The Worst Cases They Have Ever Seen In Their Lives

Technological equipment seems not to be for everyone. Because sometimes, the technology combines with humans somehow can create unexpected disasters. Tech has become an essential part of our lives nowadays, but actually, it’s not always used properly. Some people manage to make a mess with their tech tools and they think that tech support workers probably can help. Yes, they can, but not all the cases. There’re cases that are so bad that even the tech support people have no words for them.

The subreddit named r/techsupportgore is a place where tech support workers share funny stories they have ever seen in their job. Some of these tech disasters are so terrible, making others feel sorry for those who have to fix them. You just cannot imagine what on earth their clients were thinking. So scroll through the list below to check.

#1. "Hospital server room."

Source: The_Revolutionary

#2. "Customer came in with his iPhone, his glass cracked, he thought he could peel off the glass so he wouldn't notice the crack anymore."

Source: Ferbel

#3. "User spilt coffee on his laptop - so he put it in the oven to dry it out..."

Source: smarthawk

#4. "User claimed they spilled a small glass of water on their laptop."

Source: Drasnal

#5. "End-user had a heater next to the PC which was randomly shutting off and she thought she had smelled burning a couple of times. It is literally screaming."

Source: Dragon_Khan

#6. "User "Dropped it walking to the car." It came in the day after the Super Bowl."

Source: SirReginaldIT

#7. "I should tell them it's not a touch screen..."

Source: benjo1989

#8. "Apparently someone got tired of it ringing, so they put it in the oven."

Source: Daasekatt

#9. "User calls about disc being stuck in another computer, mentions off hand about this laptop. They had been using and charging it like this for weeks..."

Source: Aderplaide

#10. "Can you recover the data?"

Source: Spore-Gasm

#11. "Plugging in your USB receiver with a hammer for that flush mounted look."

Source: Viciouspom

#12. "At least the lobby was empty when it happened..."

Source: iRepairFox

#13. "I can't even..."

Source: TheAnswerToYang

#14. "But I like it this way, it's convenient." - My tech savvy aunt

Source: Lordalphax

#15. "I need somewhere to set this candle... Oh here’s a good spot!"

Source: kjb0419

#16. "My space heater stopped working."

Source: Majahzi

#17. "Ancient Temple of Asus."

Source: 1Darkest_Knight1

#18. "The printer isn’t working."

Source: MirrorlikeTent

#19. "I forgot that I left my laptop on the top of my truck. It flew off when I was on the highway. CaN yOu FiX It?"

Source: Legionary_CXVII

#20. "My fan was making too much noise!"

Source: ako_123

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