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  1. #1. Tammy 1000-Lb Sisters Now: What An Incredible Change!

Tammy 1000-Lb Sisters Now: What An Incredible Change!

Searching for information about Tammy 1000-Lb Sisters now? Even though fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters have witnessed Tammy Slaton suffer from major health difficulties over the years; they are currently pulling for her as she makes the effort to reduce some of her excess weight. TLC's "1000-lb. Challenge" has been attracting viewers who are fans of two sisters from Kentucky named Tammy and Amy Halterman (née Slaton).
Ever since the program made its debut in 2020, to see them struggle to maintain a healthy weight so that they may enjoy the lives they have always fantasized about. While Amy was determined to lose weight so that she may have children, Tammy wanted to live a healthy lifestyle so that she wouldn't have to spend her days in bed due to her weight (she now has two kids with her husband Michael Haltermann).

#1. Tammy 1000-Lb Sisters Now: What An Incredible Change!

Tammy 1000-Lb Sisters Now Source: TIktok
Tammy's health problems began when she let her weight and partying habits spiral out of control over several years. In November 2021, the reality television celebrity was taken to the hospital suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning and placed on life support. Tammy has made it through the ordeal unscathed and is doing well now.
After being discharged from the hospital, Tammy checked into a rehabilitation facility in Ohio. In the season three finale, her brother Chris Combs revealed that she had lost 115 pounds while she was there. January 2022 was the month in question. The following month, Tammy shared on TikTok a video in which she made light of her significant weight reduction and joked about it.
I wish I could tell you how much weight I've dropped, but you'll have to wait until the fourth season is published before I can share that information with you. Sorry!” At the time, the TLC singer reassured her fans, "Just know that I'm keeping on track, and things are looking good!"


Tammy 1000-Lb Sisters Now
Tammy first made the acquaintance of Caleb Willingham, who would eventually become her husband, at the rehabilitation center where she was receiving treatment. In October of that year, Caleb made his proposal to Sarah in the parking lot of the rehabilitation facility. They subsequently were married in the same location in front of their closest friends and family members.
In the first episode of Season 4 of 1000-Lb. Sisters, which broadcast in January 2023, Tammy hit her lowest point and decided to obtain treatment for her eating disorder.
I had myself readmitted to the rehab facility around two months ago. A confessional showed her standing on a scale and found that she weighed 717 pounds. She remarked, "I weighed the highest I've ever weighed;" the video also showed her saying this. She sobbed, "I just don't feel good," amid a flood of sobs, "I just don't feel well."


Tammy 1000-Lb Sisters Now
It looks like Tammy is happier than she has been in a very long time due to the live TikTok video in which she brags about her recent weight loss. In a video uploaded in January 2023, she claimed that she "can't" reveal everything that's "happening with my hair, my weight, my wardrobe, and my marriage." However, she still encouraged fans to watch the premiere of season 4 so that they could follow her journey.
Tammy's audience on TikTok was taken aback when she posted a dancing selfie video in which she exhibited substantially less hair and a slimmer face due to her recent weight loss. A few days later, she uploaded an additional video on TikTok in which she addressed why she "can't" disclose "all the problems that are going on with my hair, my weight, my wardrobe, and my marriage." She reassured the crowd by saying, "I'm still under contract."
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