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Sydney from "Farmer Wants a Wife": Everything We Know So Far

Sydney Errera, a 22-year-old from Mullica Township in South Jersey, is a contestant on the FOX reality dating show "Farmer Wants a Wife." The show, which premiered its second season on FOX, features four farmers and 32 bachelorettes.

The farmers, including Sydney, look to meet someone, inviting contestants to experience rural life on their farms. The show, hosted by country singer Jennifer Nettles, is a reboot of a 2008 reality show and is based on a British series popular in Europe. In this season, Sydney, a construction worker and Cedar Creek High School graduate, expresses her interest in one of the farmers, Mitchell Kolinsky, during the show's promotion. The series, known for its success in matchmaking, has led to numerous marriages and families globally.

Key Takeaways

  • Sydney, a South Jersey construction worker, steps into the dating scene and farm life on "Farmer Wants a Wife," catching farmer Mitchell Kolinsky's eye.
  • Ditching hard hats for heartstrings, Sydney swaps her construction gig for a shot at love and farm adventures on the show.
  • From TV contestant to social media influencer, Sydney's capturing fans with her farm life stories and personal flair on Instagram.

Who Is Sydney from "Farmer Wants a Wife"?

sydney from farmer wants a wife Source: FOX

Sydney Errera is a 22-year-old woman from the Sweetwater section of Mullica Township, South Jersey. She became known as a contestant on the second season of the FOX reality show "Farmer Wants a Wife."

Apart from her appearance on television, Sydney has a background as a construction worker and is a graduate of Cedar Creek High School. Her journey on "Farmer Wants a Wife" marks a big change from her life in South Jersey to the challenges and experiences of rural farm life.


Is Sydney Errera Dating Anyone?

As of the latest updates from "Farmer Wants a Wife," Sydney Errera's current dating status is not publicly confirmed. The show's format, which revolves around finding love and forming connections, keeps viewers curious about the contestants' relationship statuses until the end of the season.

In the show, Sydney has shown a particular interest in Mitchell Kolinsky, one of the farmers. This interest is reciprocated, as evidenced by their interactions and a shared kiss in the season's promotional teasers.



Before her appearance on "Farmer Wants a Wife," Sydney Errera worked in construction. Her decision to join the reality show marks a big change in her career path, showcasing her versatility and willingness to try new things. Sydney's background in construction, coupled with her experience on a reality TV show, highlights her wide range of skills and adaptability.

Sydney's Experience on "Farmer Wants a Wife"

Sydney Errera's experience on "Farmer Wants a Wife" has been notable for her willingness to embrace rural life, a contrast to her South Jersey background. She has shown enthusiasm in adapting to farm life, reflecting her diverse interests and adaptability.

Social Media

Sydney Errera from "Farmer Wants a Wife," has established a strong presence on social media. As of the latest update, she boasts over 23k followers. Through her social media platforms, Sydney shares various aspects of her life, including her experiences from the show, personal style, and interests
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