“Suicide Squad” Game Delayed Airing To 2024

Are you wondering why “Suicide Squad” Game Delayed Airing? Bad news for fans of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League as the game has been delayed again from its planned May release to February 2024. This news follows a previous delay in March and negative reactions from fans and critics to the game's new gameplay footage released in February.
The Suicide Squad game, developed by Rocksteady, stars iconic DC villains and is based on a long-running series of comics about criminals being recruited by government agent Amanda Waller to take on deadly dangers and execute ethically problematic tasks. While connected to the Arkham games, unlike Gotham Knights, fans will have to wait nearly a year before they can get their hands on this much-anticipated game.
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#1. “Suicide Squad” Game Delayed Airing To 2024

Attention gamers: the release of “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” has been pushed back to February 2, 2024. This is not a surprise as the game received negative feedback from a 15-minute gameplay showcase in February, showing that it was more of a live service game than expected. The always-online requirement, even in single-player mode, did not go over well with fans.
Despite the criticism, the game is still set to launch with the same approach. The action-adventure shooter takes place in an open-world Metropolis where Brainiac has taken over the world and Amanda Waller has enlisted the Suicide Squad to help. While some may not like the live-service aspect of the game, it is still expected to be a hit with gamers who enjoyed Rocksteady's previous Batman: Arkham series.
The game was originally set for release in 2022, then in May 2023, and now in 2024. But fear not, gamers, as WB's first big game of 2023, “Hogwarts Legacy,” was a massive success, selling 12 million copies and bringing in $850 million in revenue after its first two weeks. So, while we may have to wait a bit longer for “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League,” it will undoubtedly be worth it.

#2. Why “Suicide Squad” Game Delayed

The studio has stated that they need more time to work on the game and ensure that it provides the best quality experience for players. While some speculated that the previous delay was only for polishing, it appears that this delay may allow the developers to address some of the issues that players reacted negatively towards, such as the game's live-service aspects and always-online requirements.
It's unclear whether all of the live-service aspects will be removed, as doing so would likely require a much longer and more expensive delay. However, some of these elements may be cut or streamlined by the time the game is released in 2024, assuming no further delays occur. It's worth noting that this is not the first time that Rocksteady's Suicide Squad game has been delayed, and it's starting to feel like the game may be stuck in development hell.
Hopefully, the additional time will allow the developers to create a better game than meets player expectations and provides an enjoyable experience.
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