“Subtract” Tracklist - Ed Sheeran , Wife’s Health Scare

Ed Sheeran is on the way to completing all the Mathematical symbols by releasing his new album “Subtract”. The first album is known as “+” (Plus) dropped in 2011, follow up by the album “x” (Multiply) in 2014. Ed Sheeran named the next album “:” (Divide) in 2017 and “=” (Equals) is the fourth installment in Sheeran's symbol album series. Keep reading to know more about the “Subtract” Tracklist - Ed Sheeran and his wife's health problem.
Are you curious why Ed Sheeran names his albums Mathematical symbols?
He did explain in 2022 that: “I was like, 'I don’t really want to be a poster boy.' So I figured out a way with colors & symbols. I'd love to get to a point where there's a billboard of just red with an equals sign & people go 'Ed’s got a new album'.”  

#1. “Subtract” Tracklist - Ed Sheeran

Subtract Tracklist Ed SheeranSource: BBC

Here is the official “Subtract” Tracklist - Ed Sheeran, according to Sheeran’s website and Apple Music.
  • Boat
  • Saltwater
  • Eyes Closed
  • Life Goes On
  • Dusty
  • End of Youth
  • Colourblind
  • Curtains
  • Borderline
  • Spark
  • Vega
  • Sycamore
  • No Strings
  • The Hills of Aberfeldy
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#2. Ed Sheeran’s Wife Scare

Subtract Tracklist Ed SheeranSource: Yahoo News

Ed Sheeran claimed he 'spiraled' through dread, sadness, and worry when his wife, Cherry Seaborn, was diagnosed with a tumor and his close friend Jamal Edwards died. He defined 'Subtract' as a journal entry from February 2022 to assist him to make sense of all that happened to him.He also revealed that he'd been attempting to sculpt the perfect acoustic album' when he announced the release of 'Subtract,' revealing he'd written and recorded 'hundreds' of songs with a clear concept of how the album would sound.

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Last May, the singer horrified fans when he revealed that his wife, Cherry Seaborn, had discovered a tumor while pregnant with their second kid, Jupiter. Cherry could only seek therapy after the baby was delivered, and the couple is now hoping to put the ordeal behind them. Cherry Seaborn and Ed Sheeran have experienced a really difficult time together. The tumor was a tremendous shock, and the fact that they couldn't operate right away was really alarming and frightening. His wife, Cherry Seaborn, on the other hand, has finally gotten the necessary care and is healing nicely after Jupiter arrived safely. They both anticipate that 2023 will be a much better year for their family.
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