'SOS' Lyric SZA: Real Meaning and Explanation

It's official! SZA's new album will be released this Friday and is titled S.O.S! SZA's highly anticipated second studio album has been in the works for since the release of her amazing debut album Ctrl. After revealing at the 2022 Grammy Awards, shortly after her win with Doja Cat that the highly-anticipated second project is finished and coming very soon, next month to be precise.
Here are the lyrics and the hidden meaning of 'SOS' song.

1. What is the meaning of ‘SOS’ song?

SZA has mastered the art of inner monologue, transforming deeply personal observations into gilded songs that feel intimate, relatable, and untouchable, all at once. On her remarkable debut album, CTRL, she narrated these contradictions through warbled melodies that threw modern R&B and pop song structure out the window, letting her voice weave in, over, and through the beats, in a style that recalled the jazzy structure of Joni Mitchell and the technical prowess of Minnie Riperton.
Not having a traditional formula, the song turned out, was a winning tack: CTRL was certified triple platinum this August, reflecting both its continued relevance and fans’ salivatory desperation for a follow-up five years later.

2. SOS lyrics-SZA Album

SOS lyrics <a href=SZA meaning" />Source: NBC

Last night I cried
Give me a second, give me a minute
Nah, lil' bitch, can't let you finish
Yeah, that's right, I need commission on mine
All that sauce you got from me
All that shit I gave for free
I don't want it back, want it back
This ain't no warnin' shot
In case all you hoes forgot
Know you been more than lost
Without me, I'm so
Comin' like I'm so greasy
Ex-nigga, he so needy
Punk ass tried to replace me, but the stakes just too high
They can't survive off mini-me's
I'm talkin' pedigree
Ain't no writers, that's just me
Ain't no spiteful, I'm just T
Can't hate a bitch for free
Talkin' I'm off the bench like Brady
I'm pressin' niggas like KD, it's up
Yeah, nigga, it's up to me
Remind you of Dеlla Reese
So classic, that ass so fat, it look natural, it's not
I talk bullshit a lot
No more fuck-shit, I'm done
Damn right, I'm thе one
Damn right, I'm the one
Comin' back, she so candid
Comin' back, snatched like bandit
Comin' back, this ain't canned shit, I'm organic with my fresh squeeze
I'm dumpin' like press squeeze
I'm horny like, "Suck these", so darin' like, "Touch me"
And all the petty shit aside
All the phony shit aside
I just want what's mine
Mine, oh
I just want what's mine
This ain't no warnin' shot
In case all you hoes forgot
And I cried and cried
Said what's on my mind
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