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  1. Where Are Parents Of Sophie Rosing, Jill Rosing And Don Rosing?
  2. Sophia Rosing’s Family After Her Arrest In Kentucky
  3. What Is The Story Behind The Viral Video Of Sophia Rosing?
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Where Are Jill Rosing And Don Rosing? Sophia Rosing Parents And Family After Kentucky Student Arrest

Sophia Rosing parents are being sought after she was detained for assault in the fourth degree and disorderly behavior in the second degree.

Sophia Rosing, a teen, was caught on camera hitting and racially insulting two black kids.

Rosing was sentenced to prison after assaulting Kylah Spring and fighting with another black student. Who attempted to calm things down?

The administration is still dealing with social media demonstrations. The hashtag "#StandWithKylah" is being used to demonstrate support for the first black woman to be abused on Twitter.


Where Are Parents Of Sophie Rosing, Jill Rosing And Don Rosing?

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Sophia Rosing is the youngest of Paul Donald Rosing Jr. and Jill Algie Rosing's three children. She grew up in a three-bedroom home with her family.

Messer Construction Co.'s chief technology officer is Paul Rosing Jr., according to The Daily Mail.

Sophie Rosing, Jill Algie, and Paul Donald Rosing Jr. are the parents

Her grandmother is Joann Haggard Rosing, and her grandpa is Paul Donald Rosing.

Rosing is seen straining to keep on her feet as she attempts to assault Kylah Spring, a fellow student who works at the hostel gate.

According to exclusive images obtained by, her parents, Jill and Don Rosing, were spotted leaving court after their daughter appeared by video connection. The bail amount was set at $10,000.

Rosing's release conditions forbid her from contacting Spring, returning to Boyd Hall, or ingesting alcohol. Sophia's membership in College Fashionistas and her association with the Dillards were terminated as a result of her racist remarks.


Sophia Rosing’s Family After Her Arrest In Kentucky

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After she pleaded not guilty to all four counts, Sophia Rosing parents appeared to consult with a lawyer. Their daughter's activities have devastated the family.

Her parents, on the other hand, are attempting to get her out of prison and assist her as a person through this tough time.

On Monday, she pleaded not guilty to counts of public drunkenness, third-degree assault on a police officer, fourth-degree assault, and second-degree disorderly conduct.

Rosing is being detained at the Fayette County Detention Center, where she refused to identify herself when she arrived early this morning.

She is labeled as a Jane Doe since she refuses to cooperate with the authorities.

Other university students urged that Rosing be expelled and that the institution's president, Eli Capilouto, do more. She is being detained at the Fayette County Detention Center and has refused to be named.


What Is The Story Behind The Viral Video Of Sophia Rosing?

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According to the Daily Mail, police detained Rosing (22) in the school dormitory shortly before 4 a.m. on Sunday on suspicion of being inebriated in public, assaulting a police officer in the third, fourth, and fifth degrees, and disturbing the peace. Second-degree public disorder.

Rosing is seen straining to keep upright as she attempts to strike Kylah Spring, a fellow student at the hostel reception.

As Spring attempts to keep her away, she violently shouts the nasty word "fuck ***" at her. After hearing the slur, Spring says, "Oh, Jesus, I don't get paid enough for this!"

Rosing continues to use the racist slur until an off-camera voice tells Spring, "I've got all of this on tape."

The event happened at 1 a.m., when Rosing entered Boyd Hall. Kylah said she "didn't look like a resident" and refused to answer the door. This enraged her greatly.

Sophia boasted about her riches, yet she and her siblings grew up in a tiny three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Fort Mitchell.

According to what she stated, she was dismissed.



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In short, the incident involving Sophia Rosing has shed light on the consequences of her actions and the need for accountability. Sophia Rosing parents, Jill Algie Rosing and Paul Donald Rosing Jr., are navigating this challenging situation while seeking to provide support.

This incident also highlights the broader issue of racial insensitivity and the importance of addressing such behavior. Moving forward, it's essential to promote dialogue, education, and unity to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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