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  1. #1. Alright Then Keep Your Secrets
  2. #2. Kinda Too Late Yeah?
  3. #3. The Moon moon
  4. #4. The Nerve Of This Mom
  5. #5. Eclipse-ception
  6. #6. Just Kidding, It's Mine
  7. #7. A Funny But Sad Comic
  8. #8. Unusual Conversation
  9. #9. Poor Lunar Eclipse
  10. #10. That Didn't Turn Out So Well
  11. #11. The Difference Between Different Eclipses
  12. #12. Please Don't Do It
  13. #13. Some Took An Advantage Of It
  14. #14. The Danger Of Looking At The Sun During The Sonar Eclipse In Another Meme Edition
  15. #15. They Politicized Everything!
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Solar Eclipse Memes That Are Out of This World When The Sun Takes A Break

In the wake of the highly anticipated annular solar eclipse that recently graced the skies over North and South America, there's no better time to indulge in some celestial humor. 

Get ready to eclipse your boredom and have a good laugh as we dive into these solar eclipse memes. These celestial events may be fascinating, but they're also prime meme material.

From moon-sized grins to interstellar puns, the internet has lit up with humor about eclipses. Join us as we explore from the solar eclipse diagram to cosmic jests, proving that even the most profound celestial moments can inspire fits of laughter.


#1. Alright Then Keep Your Secrets

solar eclipse 2023 pun Source: Reddit
What Is A Solar Eclipse Diagram?
A normal solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves in a straight line between the sun and Earth. (Please, never observe the sun during a solar eclipse, as it's hazardous and can harm your eyes.) When the moon aligns directly with the sun and Earth, a solar eclipse happens.

#2. Kinda Too Late Yeah?

Dinosaur Eclipse Source: Imgur

On October 14, 2023 a rare annular solar eclipse, often referred to as the "ring of fire" eclipse, will be visible to people in North and South America. Unlike a total eclipse, where the moon completely blocks the sun, this eclipse leaves a ring of sunlight around the moon's edge.


#3. The Moon moon

next solar eclipse Source: Reddit

Only a narrow path, running from the Pacific coast of Oregon to the Texas coast on the Gulf of Mexico, will witness the full annular eclipse. The rest of North and South America will experience a partial eclipse.

NASA provides an interactive map for viewing times, and they will livestream the event with proper solar protection being crucial for safe viewing.


#4. The Nerve Of This Mom

The Nerve Of This Mom Source: Imgur

The moon's shadow will journey across the Western Hemisphere, beginning in South America and traveling across Brazil's Amazon region before reaching the Earth's edge.


#5. Eclipse-ception

Eclipse-ception Source: Imgur
Due to the eclipse's path crossing multiple time zones, the local timing of this celestial event will vary significantly from one country and region to another.

#6. Just Kidding, It's Mine

Just Kidding, It's Mine Source: Imgur
This particular eclipse is of the annular type, during which the moon appears slightly smaller than the sun, resulting in the sun's edges creating a fiery ring effect around the moon. The eclipse's path will span multiple time zones, so the timing of the phenomenon will vary based on geographical location.

#7. A Funny But Sad Comic

A Funny But Sad Comic Source: Imgur
This annular eclipse is a unique celestial spectacle, with the next total eclipse in the U.S. scheduled for April 8, 2024.

#8. Unusual Conversation

Unusual Conversation Source: Imgur
For those unable to view it in person, NASA offers a livestream of the event.

#9. Poor Lunar Eclipse

Poor Lunar Eclipse Source: Reddit
To safely view the eclipse, it is crucial to use proper solar protection to prevent damage to your eyes.

#10. That Didn't Turn Out So Well

That Didn't Turn Out So Well Source: Imgur

#11. The Difference Between Different Eclipses

The Difference Between Different Eclipses Source: Imgur

#12. Please Don't Do It

Please Don't Do It Source: Imgur
Staring at the sun during a solar eclipse without appropriate eye protection can result in retinal burns, a condition known as solar retinopathy.

#13. Some Took An Advantage Of It

Some Might Take An Advantage OF It Source: Imgur
The retina lacks pain receptors, making it impossible to sense any harm. Moreover, retinal damage may not manifest for several hours, leaving you unaware of the injury to your eyes.

#14. The Danger Of Looking At The Sun During The Sonar Eclipse In Another Meme Edition

The Danger Of Looking At The Sun During The Sonar Eclipse In Another Meme Edition Source: Reddit

#15. They Politicized Everything!

They Politicized Everything! Source: Imgur


In the spirit of cosmic wonder and a touch of humor, these solar eclipse memes provide the perfect opportunity to unwind. They remind us that while the universe holds endless mysteries, it's important to take a moment to enjoy the lighter side of these celestial phenomena.

So, sit back, relax, and share a laugh as we await the next cosmic spectacle.

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