Snowfall Season 6 Episode 9 Preview - Cast, Plot And Spoilers

Want to find Snowfall Season 6 Episode 9 Preview? Here's a full list of Cast, Plot and Spoilers to help you take a quick look of what might happen in Snowfall Season 6 Episode 9!
On the previous episode, we see Franklin had a narrow escape from death. He, Gustavo and Louie teamed up with each other to execute a huge plan that will ultimately help them get rid of Teddy - they intended to trick Teddy into believing that he has successfully captured Franklin. It was extremely risky, but it also seemed like the best and only option.
Gustavo was supposed to be the one who came to the scene and rescued Franklin, but he was suddenly arrested by the DEA. During that time, Teddy was preparing to kill Franklin in one of the most cruel way possible. If it weren't for Ruben's unexpected interference and Gustavo's quick thinking, Franklin probably wouldn't make it out alive.

#1. Snowfall Season 6 Episode 9 Cast

Snowfall Season 6 Episode 9 PreviewSource: FX

  • Damson Idris plays Franklin Saint
  • Carter Hudson plays Teddy McDonald
  • Sergio Peris-Mencheta plays Gustavo “El Oso” Zapata
  • De’aundre Bonds plays Skully
  • Isaiah John plays Leon Simmons
  • Angela Lewis plays Aunt Louie
  • Michael Hyatt plays Cissy Saint
  • Devyn A. Tyler plays Veronique Turner
  • Alejandro Edda plays Ruben
  • Tiffany Lonsdale plays Parissa

#2. Snowfall Season 6 Episode 9 Release Date

Snowfall Season 6 Episode 9 PreviewSource: FX

The 9th episode of Snowfall will officially air on April 12th, 2023. The name of this episode is "Sacrifice". According to the synopsis, in this episode, Franklin attempts to recover his stolen money. You can watch the latest episodes of Snowfall on Hulu, Prime Video, Vudu or Apple TV.

#3. Snowfall Season 6 Episode 9 Preview - What To Expect?

Here's a glimpse of what might happen in Snowfall Season 6 Episode 9:

Is Teddy Going To Die?

Source: FX

At the beginning of the promo video, we see Teddy being tied up to a chair. Teddy has finally gotten a hold of the situation - he is being held captive by Franklin, his enemy, and Gustavo, the one that has decided to turn his back away from him. Moreover, Gustavo has already taken away all of Teddy's guns, including the extra one.
Franklin is standing in front of Teddy. The atmosphere around them is absolutely intense. Franklin fires a warning shot into the ceiling, which startles Teddy. "Oh, you have lost your mind", Teddy nervously exclaims.
In another scene of the trailer, Teddy is helplessly trembling in fear. This is the fear of someone who is on the risk of losing everything, including their life. Franklin looks Teddy dead in the eye. "In any story, the guy that looks like you win. Not this time", Franklin threatens, hinting that this would be the downfall of Teddy.

Source: FX

We also get to see Leon dragging a hand-cuffed Teddy to an another room where someone is also being gagged up. A sack is put over their head so we couldn't figure out their identity yet, but this must be someone who holds important information.
Is this person Ruben? Is Franklin going to kill Teddy immediately? Or is he going to keep Teddy alive to make a deal with him and take advantage of this CIA agent? Regardless of the answer, it is certain that Franklin is ready to bring out some bold moves.


What Will Happen To Franklin?

Snowfall Season 6 Episode 9 PreviewSource: FX

Franklin may have gotten his enemy in his hand, but he couldn't sit down and relax yet. He knows well that this is just the beginning.
Based on the trailer, it seems like Cissy is talking to Ruben. This agent reveals that the KGB has tapes of Franklin, and they recorded each of his conversation. So this is how Ruben got to know about Franklin's plan. Ruben had played them this whole time, and it's obvious that the polices are now chasing after all of them.
Police cars pull up to Louie's house. The agents are searching the whole house to catch Louie. Louie tries her best to running from the cops, but would she be able to make it? Even though Louie agreed to work with Franklin, we all know how much she resents her own cousin. There is a high possibility that she would snitch on Franklin and send him to jail to save herself.

Snowfall Season 6 Episode 9 PreviewSource: FX

It's also important to note that Veronique is pregnant admist all of this chaos. Will she be able to protect both herself and the baby?
If Franklin has Veronique by his side, then Teddy also has his fiance Parissa. Parissa will most likely try to figure out a way to rescue Teddy, and it's impossible to guess her next move. dedicates to provide you with a wide range of creative and interesting news. Don’t hesitate to visit our site to keep updated on the latest news of Snowfall.
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