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  3. Is There Any Trailer Or Teaser For Smiling Friends Season 2?
  4. What Would Smiling Friends Season 2 Be Able To Be About?
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Smiling Friends Season 2: Release Date, Characters, Plot & All You Need To Know

Are you excited about the Smiling Friends Season 2 release date? We know we are! This quirky animated series, known for its unique humor, is all set to return to Adult Swim.

If you're eager to dive back into the world of Smiling Friends, you're in the right place. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know about the upcoming season, from its release date to the characters and plot.


Smiling Friends Season 2 Brief Info:

Smiling Friends Season 2 Brief Info: Source: Google Images
Smiling Friends
Zack Hadel, Michael Cusack
Animation, Short, Comedy
Six Point Harness
No. of Seasons:
No. of Episodes:
8 (Season 1)
Next Episode to be Aired On: 
Available On:
  • IMDb: 8.5/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes: 96%


Smiling Friends Season 2 Release Date:

The production team of the animated series Smiling Friends was renewed for the second season on February 9, 2022. As of now, there is no announcement about the exact release date, and it's likely that the series is still in production.

Considering the time frame, a possible release for Season 2 in winter 2022-2023 could be on the horizon if production gears up soon.


Is There Any Trailer Or Teaser For Smiling Friends Season 2?

At the moment, there's no trailer available for Season 2 of the adult animated television series. But keep a close watch on our website for the latest updates about the upcoming season. As soon as a trailer is released, you'll find it right here.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the trailer for the previous season above.


What Would Smiling Friends Season 2 Be Able To Be About?

Smiling Friends, just as its title suggests, centers around a close-knit team dedicated to spreading happiness to their clients.

Every day, Charlie and Pim take on the challenge of helping people who are facing deep and troubling issues. Despite the complexity of these problems, they remain committed to finding solutions and bringing happiness back into the lives of those who are feeling down and discouraged.

The second season of the animated series continues right where the first season left off. In the last episode of Smiling Friends Season 1, our favorite characters were on their way to the hotel after reaching the airport.


However, a hiccup arose when it turned out that Pim forgot to book rooms at the hotel, assuming Allan would take care of it. In a frantic attempt to secure rooms on the spot, they discovered that all accommodations were already snatched up due to a bustling carnival celebration.

Desperate, they tried reaching out to their boss to explain the predicament, but their efforts were in vain. Defeated and unaware of the impending plane crash, they had to depart Brazil in dismay.


Meet The Characters Of Smiling Friends

One of the highlights of this American animated series is its memorable cast of characters. From the enthusiastic Pim to the enigmatic boss, Slippy, each character brings their own brand of charm and quirkiness to the show.

Pim: The ever-optimistic and energetic protagonist of the series, Pim is on a mission to bring smiles to the world.

Slippy: The mysterious and often cryptic head of the Smiling Friends agency, Slippy's unconventional methods keep the team on their toes.

Sunnyside: Pim's best friend and a fellow Smiling Friend, Sunnyside's sunny disposition is infectious.

Toothy: The resident prankster of the group, Toothy's jokes might not always land, but his heart is always in the right place.


Here's the cast list for Smiling Friends Season 1:

  • Michael Cusack plays the role of Pim Pimling
  • Marc M. plays the role of Mr. Boss
  • Zach Hadel plays the role of Charlie Dompler
  • David Dore plays the role of Party Bro
  • Mick Lauer plays the role of Bug
  • Erica Lindbeck plays the role of Assistant


With its unique plot and endearing characters, Smiling Friends has carved a special place in the hearts of viewers. The Smiling Friends Season 2 release date is on the way, and it promises to deliver even more laughter and heartwarming moments.

So, get ready to embark on a rollercoaster of emotions as the team navigates the ups and downs of their unique profession.

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