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  1. #1. Brief Slow Horses Season 2 Finale Recap

Slow Horses Season 2 Finale Recap: A Brief Recap

Searching for Slow Horses season 2 finale recap? Congratulations to everyone who figured out last week that River's kidnappers left him alive and near a phone for a good reason. In my notes for the prior episode,
We mentioned how unimpressive Alex's turn as a master spy was. He just tied up an MI5 agent with twine in the precise spot where the two guys in Upshott hunting for him were about to find him. The fact that there is no bomb on Alex's plane means that River had to phone in the threat.

#1. Brief Slow Horses Season 2 Finale Recap

Slow Horses Season 2 Finale Recap Source: Slow Horses
We can put that puzzle out of the way early on in the finale. We now know that Louisa and Marcus are not in immediate danger aboard the plane, that Roddy has taken on more than he can handle by pursuing Chernitsky, and that Katinsky is at the head of this excruciatingly complex scheme. With Katinsky waiting at his Slough House desk, Lamb calls Katinsky's voicemail and asks, "I'm sorry to ruin your element of surprise, but would you mind picking up?"
Lamb, who can't stop being vulgar because it's just his personality, manages to hide his expertise under a veneer of casual rudeness. The result is yet another successful piece of work. Since "either way this goes, you won't be renewing the lease," Lamb tells Katinsky to meet him at Katinsky's apartment so that "the maid" (Catherine) may have a change of scenery during their Big Bad standoff.
In the Glasshouse, Louisa removes her disguise and tortures the last remaining Pashkin goon until he bleeds. It's purportedly to learn more about why they had to close Glasshouse (to empty Nevsky's accounts), but it's also clear that she's using this opportunity to get revenge for Min's unjust death.


Slow Horses Season 2 Finale Recap Slow Horses Season 2 Finale Recap
And that's what this season of Slow Horses has turned out to be, in the end: a quest for individual vengeance and honor. Katinsky is hunting Jackson Lamb, the guy who killed Charles Partner, his "Joe" or man on the inside, and is content to employ Nevsky and Pashkin as distractions while he goes after the big fish. Even if there isn't much suspense in the exchanges between Lamb and Katinsky, there is mutual respect between the two. As they admit the truth to one another, there is a hint of sadness in both men's voices.
Concerning that vengeance, Chernitsky knows that Lamb didn't act alone when he murdered Partner, so after a great action movie scene in which he attempts to shoot Roddy, who is hiding in the bathroom of the commuter train, he exits the train at Tunbridge Wells and travels to River's grandfather's house. As I write this, River is well on his way there, and Roddy has been appropriately humbled. The outcome is a triumph for all parties involved.
All of them, that's who. Even though Catherine's performance as a timid chess beginner last week was a masterclass in disguise, she is relegated to a staircase for the majority of the episode and has less of a prominent role in the episode's conclusion. Both Pashkin and Louisa meet the same fate at the hands of Marcus and Louisa before they can flee, and while Webb manages to survive to sneak another day, we can only hope.


Slow Horses Season 2 Finale Recap
Although Slow Horses isn't exactly a page-turner, We enjoyed how it insisted that sometimes the simplest, most obvious answer was the one that worked best. The actual depth of Chernitsky also occurs offscreen. River's phone call to his grandfather was all it took to bring down the massive Russian, who had been a specter throughout most of Season 2. Good match.
There was also no major twist like the one in the last minutes of the first season, which provided fresh optimism that Sid was still alive and an explosive flashback to Partner's murder. Instead, we have a sort of coda in which the Slough House gang breaks into St. Leonards Church, where the funerals of "officers in good standing" occur. Lamb puts up a classy adhesive plaque in Harper's honor that reads, "served his nation." River embraces Louisa, and they return to the streets of London as the Slough House crew.
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