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  1. What Is Sky Bri’s Real Name?
  2. Sky Bri’s Side+ Appearance
  3. Sky Bri’s Relationship With Jake Paul: Are They Still Dating?
  4. Sky Bri’s Family & Background: Where Is She From?
  5. Did Sky Bri Undergo Plastic Surgery?
  6. FAQs About Sky Bri
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Sky Bri (Side+): Real Name, Plastic Surgery, Relationship With Jake Paul, Net Worth & More

Sky Bri appeared as a guest on the Side+ site, a companion network that offers consumers exclusive footage. It appeared on the screen and started buzzing on Twitter. So, who exactly is this girl? What is Sky Bri's real name? What is she up to? Did she have a relationship with Jake Paul?

We provide answers to any questions you may have. Continue reading to learn more about Sky Bri.


What Is Sky Bri’s Real Name?

sky bri real name Source: Google Images

Skylar Bri's real name is Skylar Brianna, which she revealed on the Strawberry Park vlog. She has not yet revealed her surname.

Sky Bri’s Net Worth In 2023

Sky Bri's net worth is estimated to be more than $800,000 in 2023.

She has a large following on OnlyFans and has been ranked in the top 0.01% of the platform's creators. She was a sideshow on OnlyFans for about two years. She worked at Target before joining OnlyFans, where she will leave in October 2021.

He pushed Sky up to the stars when she featured on the so-called podcast No Bridges. She generated a six-figure profit from the site in the first month. She has been making six figures every month since then.


Sky Bri’s Side+ Appearance

Sky Bri, a model and content producer, impressed fans on Side+, a YouTube collective-launched online membership service.

They will launch the platform in September 2021, providing customers with access to unique content. They published the first two episodes of the three-part series, which also included model Sky Bri.

Sky had a minor incident and is now trending on Twitter after appearing on the first episode of Side+, Tinder.

The three-part series, which includes a video, follows the Sidemen on their voyage throughout the United States. The first episode featured well-known YouTubers such as Mike Majlak and Logan Paul. Mike was present when Sky wanted to lift her top and show Mike her breasts during their Tinder date.

Mike and the other men in the group were startled, and when the episode aired, it rapidly went viral on social media.


Sky Bri’s Relationship With Jake Paul: Are They Still Dating?

Sky Bri’s Relationship Source: Instagram

As of July 2022, Sky Bri was said to be Jake Paul's girlfriend. He was previously involved with his now-ex-girlfriend Julia Rose. Jake was seen in multiple images with Sky, fueling speculation about their alleged affair. On social media, a photo of the supposed pair went viral.

Julia made a comment about Jake's love life by calling them a couple. Jake said, “Damn you’re so fucking hot it’s ridiculous." 

Rose responded on the same post, saying, "@jakepaul @realskybri @emilysalch will any of you come looking for it since you want to post it so bad? The best example of why I broke up with him. Feel free to post more crap to make me feel better about my decision."

sky bri boyfriend Source: Google Images

Bri was the focus of attention after a photo of her and Jake kissing on the beach leaked on Rare Knupps' Instagram Story. The two appeared to be having a nice time somewhere in the sun.

Paul also appeared in the most recent episode of Sidemen Real Life Tinder, when he met Sky Bri. During the exchange, Paul said:

"Hi Sky, this is Logan. I am 27 years old and if I remember correctly I think you got involved with my brother [Jake Paul]Bri then replied, “I did. You’re still cuter."

Sky and Rara Knupps also appeared for an interview with DoKnowWorld, in which Bri said they went to meet him in Puerto Rico and spent five days with him before flying back to Miami.


Sky Bri’s Family & Background: Where Is She From?

sky bri background Source: Instagram

Sky Bri was born in Ocean City, Maryland. Her career, however, supposedly led her to Los Angeles, California.

Sky stated that her mother is very supportive of her, despite her initial reservations. Sky's mother is now thrilled for her because she was able to move out and was financially stable. Sky also stated that her mother's side of the family is delighted for her. Meanwhile, her father had disowned her, and she had not spoken to or seen him in over a year.


Did Sky Bri Undergo Plastic Surgery?

sky bri Plastic Surgery Source: Instagram

Sky Brianna's followers have been guessing about her cosmetic procedures since she went viral on the internet. Although it appears that she has undergone lip and breast enhancement surgery, she has yet to confirm any of this.

Sky Bri’s Body Measurements

Sky Bri proudly displays her astounding 36-25-37 inch measurements on Instagram. Her unique characteristics include many tattoos on her fingers and hands.


FAQs About Sky Bri

sky bri faqs Source: Instagram

How old is Sky Bri?

As of July 2022, Sky Brianna is 23 years old. She recently celebrated her birthday on February 21st.

Is Sky Bri on TikTok?

Yes, Sky Brianna is on TikTok (@skybribaby). She is also on Instagram (@realskybri) and Twitter (@skybri_).



sky bri real name - conclusion Source: Instagram

As she continues to make waves in the digital realm, Sky Bri (real name Skylar Brianna) remains a fascinating figure, known for her stunning body measurements and unique tattoos. Her journey from a Target employee to an OnlyFans sensation is a testament to her determination and entrepreneurial spirit.

Whether you're a fan of her content or simply curious about her life, Sky Bri's story is one that continues to leave us all eager to see what she'll do next. Stay tuned for more from this rising star, as she's sure to keep surprising and entertaining her ever-growing fanbase.

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