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  1. What Is Shrek 5's Release Date?
  2. Shrek 5's Official Trailer
  3. Shrek 5’s Cast: Will Cameron Diaz Be Back?
  4. Shrek 5's Plot: The Franchise's Last Adventure?
  5. Where Can I Watch Shrek 5?
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What's Shrek 5's Release Date? Plot, Cast, Trailer, Donkey & Everything Else

Rejoice, Shrek fans, as Shrek 5 is confirmed to be underway! It’s been 13 years since the last Shrek installment, Shrek Forever After in 2010, and fans have been on their feet for more than a decade for their favorite ogre to return.

So, when will the movie come out? Will the main cast return? What danger will Shrek and Fiona face this time? This article has you covered.


What Is Shrek 5's Release Date?

shrek 5 release date Source: Dreamworks

Unfortunately, as the project is still in its production phase, Shrek 5 doesn’t have a confirmed release date just yet. And judging from the current WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes in Hollywood right now, we might have to wait until late 2024, or even 2025 for the much-anticipated sequel to reach the box office.

Shrek 5’s release date was originally set for 2020, with announcements about the project emerged way back in 2016. However, as Hollywood was completely out of service in 2020 due to the pandemic, the initial release date was constantly pushed back again and again, leaving fans waiting in despair. The project is rarely been brought up ever since.


Shrek 5's Official Trailer

Since there is very little information about the upcoming title, an official trailer for the movie is currently unavailable. However, if the production stages go smoothly, we can expect Dreamwork to release a trailer in the summer of 2024.


Shrek 5’s Cast: Will Cameron Diaz Be Back?

cast of shrek 5 Source: Dreamworks

One of the most anticipated aspects that fans are eager to see in the sequel, is the return of the main voice cast, who have been with the franchise since 2002. Well, we have some good and bad news for you.

Fiona is one of the most iconic characters in the series, who’s Shrek’s wife and the princess of the Far Far Away Kingdom. She’s brought to life by the talented Cameron Diaz. However, since the actress has retired from the industry since 2014, it’s hard to see her making a return just to voice one single character.

when is shrek 5 coming out Source: Dreamworks

Fiona has a crucial role in the Shrek universe, so finding a new voice actress for her wouldn’t sit well with the audience either. Either way, Diaz’s absence from the role would deal a huge blow to the upcoming sequel, and might prevent fans from paying their ticket. On a hopeful note, though, the ex-performer can still make an exception for Fiona and will reprise the role for one last time.

On the contrary, other veteran voice actors in the franchise have expressed their desire to return to their roles. Mike Myers, who voices the protagonist Shrek, expressed his willingness to reprise the iconic role “every year” if he could. Eddie Murphy, who portrays Donkey, also showed enthusiasm when discussing a possible part 5.

shrek 5 trailer Source: Dreamworks

Antonio Banderas, who voiced Puss In Boots, also gave us some positive updates about the heroic feline’s return to the franchise.

"I’ve been with this cat for almost 20 years [...] I’ve done five movies now. There is probably gonna be another, and [Shrek] is probably coming back,” he shared with Deadline.

Banderas’s character, Puss In Boots, made his debut in Shrek 2 (2004), and quickly became a fan-favorite thanks to his adorable design and charming demeanor. The character got so popular, that Dreamworks even dedicated two spinoff movies for him, and both were box-office successes. 

Having Puss in Boots again in Shrek 5 will surely boost the film’s reputation, especially after the critically acclaimed movie Puss in Boots: The Last Week in 2022.


Shrek 5's Plot: The Franchise's Last Adventure?

Source: Twitter/X

It is reported that Dreamworks has been nurturing the general plot for the fifth installment for a very long time. However, very little information about it is revealed to the public. Michael McCullers, Shrek 5’s scriptwriter, recently shared that the script personally means a lot to him, though it will need to go through several revisions and tweaks before making it to the next stage.

Shrek’s character development throughout the franchise is widely considered one of Dreamworks’ best. From a grumpy and anti-social ogre, he gradually transforms into a more caring and sympathetic character while still retaining his sarcastic humor. In the last installment, he’s now a family man with a wife and a bunch of kids, and it feels like there’s not much story left to tell about our dear protagonist.

shrek 5 plot Source: Dreamworks

According to multiple sources, however, the story of Shrek 5 will focus on Shrek and Fiona’s life as parents, as their children are now all grown up and facing their own problems. This is an interesting theory, since the story might detach a bit from Shrek and focus more on his legacy. However, this is only a wild guess, as Dreamworks hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

One thing is for sure, Shrek 5 will most definitely feature some of our favorite supporting characters, such as Donkey or Puss in Boots. At the end of Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, we see Puss setting sail alongside Kitty and their new friend Perrito to the Kingdom of Far Far Away. Perrito is one of the fan-favorite characters in The Last Wish, so seeing him in Shrek 5 and interacting with Donkey would be hilarious to watch.


Where Can I Watch Shrek 5?

where to watch shrek 5 Source: Dreamworks

The sequel is likely to be released in theaters in late 2024-2025 due to its huge fan base. The much-anticipated movie will likely be released on Hulu Plus as well, just like its predecessors.



Shrek 5 is one of the most anticipated animated movies as of now, as fans have been waiting for more than a decade to see their favorite ogre on the big screen. Hopefully, Shrek 5 can deliver the grand finale to Shrek as we have expected, and build a solid legacy for even more similar movies in the future.

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