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  1. Is Shawn Mendes Gay?
  2. The Emotional Damage Of The Shawn Mendes Gay Rumor
  3. Who Did Shawn Mendes Date?
  4. Is Shawn Mendes An Ally To The LGBT Community?
  5. He Also An Avid Supporter Of Transgenders
  6. Conclusion:

Is Shawn Mendes Gay? Why The Heartthrob Felt So Hurt By Rumors Of His Sexuality

Is Shawn Mendes gay? Let's talk about the amazing Shawn Mendes—that talented heartthrob who's been serenading us with his voice and charm forever. You know, rumors swirl around Hollywood's hottest stars, and people were curious about his sexuality too. 

But here, we'll explore the real deal about Shawn Mendes: who he's into, whether it's the ladies, the guys, or maybe both! So, get ready for some juicy details as we dive in! Let's go! 


Is Shawn Mendes Gay?

Is Shawn Mendes Gay Source: Goole Image

Is Shawn Mendes gay? The short answer is, no, he isn’t. The rumors about his sexuality have been swirling since he was just 15, and it's been a tough journey for him. 

In a candid interview with Dax Shepard on the "Armchair Expert" podcast, Shawn opened up about the struggle he faced with those speculations. He mentioned how frustrating it was because he had close friends who were gay but had to hide their true selves.

It's evident that this issue struck a chord with him, and he felt genuine anger on their behalf. So, rest assured, while he is not gay, Shawn Mendes is simply an amazing artist with a compassionate heart for queers.


The Emotional Damage Of The Shawn Mendes Gay Rumor

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It hasn't been an easy ride for the young singer. The Shawn Mendes gay rumors about his sexuality started way back when he was just 15, and they messed with his head. He found himself policing his own actions, shutting himself off emotionally, and even worrying about his friends who weren't ready to come out. It's crazy how all this pressure can mess with your mind.

In a candid interview with Dax Shepard on the "Armchair Expert" podcast, Shawn poured his heart out. He made a powerful point about how guys need to give themselves permission to be vulnerable and stop worrying about what others think. "We need to cry.

Stop thinking this is being brave and strong and start thinking it's the opposite, actually," he said. And you know what? He's so right! Let's take a cue from Shawn and embrace our feelings, without fear or judgment.


Who Did Shawn Mendes Date?

Is Shawn Mendes Gay - Hailey Baldwin Bieber Source: Google Image
  • Hailey Baldwin Bieber:

Shawn Mendes dated Hailey Baldwin Bieber for a hot minute! After breaking up with Justin Bieber in 2017, Hailey was linked to Mendes when they were spotted at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights in October of that year. The two were later seen cozying up at her Halloween party, which she co-hosted with Kendall Jenner.

Just a month later, they were photographed showing PDA in Mendes’ hometown of Toronto, Canada. In May 2018, they put dating rumors into overdrive when they walked the red carpet together at the 2018 Met Gala.

Shawn Mendes Gay - Camila Cabello Source: Google Image
  • Camila Cabello:

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were one of the hottest power couples in Hollywood for a long time. Mendes and Cabello first met back in 2014 when they opened for Austin Mahone, but a romance didn’t spark until years later. After denying dating rumors for years, the two confirmed their relationship in the summer of 2019; they followed that with many red-carpet appearances, adopting a dog together, and even penning songs about one another.
However, in November 2021, the singers announced their breakup in joint statements on their Instagram Stories. However, this relationship is still believed as a publicity stunt to deny the Shawn Mendes gay rumors.

Is Shawn Mendes An Ally To The LGBT Community?

Source: Youtube

Whether Shawn Mendes is gay or not, he has been so vocal about his support and love for fans and members of the LGBTQ+ fanbase. During Pride Month in June 2019, he shared this super cute Instagram Story of a heart-shaped foam cappuccino and a rainbow-colored cookie, with those sweet heart emojis. Talk about spreading the love!

He has also spoken about what Pride Month means to him at Wango Tango 2018, saying "The amount of progress we’ve made…is just so inspiring for me in every way. It’s truly incredible. To stand on stage and to see the flags being waved…it fills you with that energy. It means the world to me. You’re literally watching the world and people go through the biggest transition humanity has ever gone through with acceptance.”


He Also An Avid Supporter Of Transgenders

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Mendes has also called for LGBT acceptance, saying “I just say to open your eyes and open your mind. Let somebody be and feel and live how they want to live.” He shared his experience of watching his close friend and songwriting partner Teddy Geiger’s transition, saying “There was a moment when, I remember, I referred to Teddy as ‘she’ without thinking – and it takes time to be able to learn that, obviously – and the way she looked at me was [with] this intense amount of joy.

And I swear if everybody in the world experienced one of their best friends, you know, experiencing that, there would be no questions. People would not be questioning it. It’s just not worth it to question it.”

In March 2022, Mendes weighed in on Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill with four words: "This is not okay". He continues to be an ally and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.



Conclusion: shawn mendes gay? Source: Google Image

At the moment, Shawn Mendes has managed to keep his relationship hush-hush. An impressive feat for one of the hottest men in Hollywood! But it also stoked the fire of his sexuality rumors.

So, is Shawn Mendes gay? According to the singer himself, no, he isn’t. But Shawn Mendes has remained a vocal ally for the LGBT community and has continued to inspire self-love and acceptance for his fans. Aww!

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