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  1. Who Is Shaka Smart’s Wife, Maya Payne?
  2. Shaka Smart’s Career

Who Is Maya Payne Smart - Shaka Smart’s Wife? Let’s Meet Their Family!

As Shaka Smart garners acclaim for his remarkable coaching career, it's inevitable that his personal life, particularly Shaka Smart's wife, Maya Payne, becomes a point of interest. Let's delve into their family story and explore the roles they play in each other's lives and careers.


Who Is Shaka Smart’s Wife, Maya Payne?

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Maya Payne is a well-known author and early literacy advocate. She's committed to assisting parents in fostering their children's reading abilities. She firmly believes that reading is a crucial skill that can lead to learning and exploration.

Through her efforts, she hopes to spark a love for reading in kids and help them become lifelong learners. She also provides parents with helpful resources and tips to aid their children's reading development.

Maya Payne and Shaka have one child, a daughter named Zora Sanae Smart. Maya is very supportive of her husband’s career.


Shaka Smart’s Career

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Shaka Smart, during his time at Virginia Commonwealth University, was known for coaching a unique and aggressive style of basketball called "havoc." This involved putting intense pressure on opponents by using full-court defense, double teams, and traps to create turnovers and disrupt their plays.

On the offensive side, Smart's teams prioritized quick and efficient scoring, often by attacking the interior and capitalizing on fast-break opportunities.


When Smart moved to the University of Texas, he adapted his coaching style to better suit the strengths and weaknesses of the team. While he still used elements of the "havoc" style, he incorporated other strategies that matched the team's characteristics and playing style.

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Smart is highly praised for building strong relationships with his players and his distinct coaching approach. He emphasizes teamwork and strives to create a supportive team culture. This approach helps players bond with each other, resulting in improved team performance both on and off the court.

Throughout his career, Smart has received several awards including AP Coach of the Year (2023), NABC Coach of the Year (2023), Henry Iba Award (2023), and Big East Coach of the Year (2023). His overall coaching record stands at 320–161 (.665) as of 2023.


In conclusion, Shaka Smart's coaching prowess and the influence of Shaka Smart's wife, Maya Payne, have woven an intriguing narrative that extends beyond the basketball court. Their partnership and family dynamics add depth to Shaka's remarkable career.

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