Scream 6 Leaked Killer: Who Is The Killer Behind The Mask? Reveal Scream 6 Ghostface Killer 

Scream 6 Leaked Killer has been revealed in a leak onto social media just three weeks before the film's release. The person behind that mask is what people are looking for before the launching time of Scream 6. So here is everything you can catch up on before the movie time.

#1. Scream 6 filming location

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Scream 6 moves the action to New York and with bloody murders occurring in a new location, there’s a new Detective investigating them, Detective Baily (Dermot Mulroney) who just happens to be the very Ghostface Killer he’s “looking for.” This twist in Scream 6 is a common one for the franchise going back to the first film when Billy Loomis was “attacked” by the Ghostface Killer, that time it was Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard) faking the murder.

#2. Scream 6 cast revealed

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Well in addition to Detective Baily, his accomplice this time is revealed to be Ethan (Jack Champion), another new character to the franchise in Scream 6. While fans were theorizing that Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega) or Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere) might be behind the mask, it’s a bit disappointing to find out that instead it’s just a rehash of Scream 2. Both Baily and Ethan reveal they are related to Stu, making the most recent murders revenge for Sidney (Neve Campbell) killing Stu off in the first film.
So not only have the killers been spoiled, so has the motive, and in the start of the clip it’s clear that in addition to Tara, her sister Sam (Melissa Barrera) at least live long enough for the reveal. Not seen in the clip is Kirby, which means she might just be one of the Ghostface Killer’s victims. While a leak of this magnitude is catastrophic for a movie like Scream 6 that will purposely build to the grand reveal with twists, turns, and red herrings along the way, it’s not the first time a major leak has happened in Hollywood.
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#3. Scream 6 leaked killer: Who is the killer behind the mask?

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Throughout the history of Scream, the franchise has had different Ghostface Killers, each one following in the footsteps of Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich). Alongside the Ghostface Killer is usually, an accomplice that has some sort of connection to the person under the iconic mask and their own reason for assisting in the murders. Well, be warned, as MAJOR SCREAM 6 SPOILERS follow, as someone took the “killer reveal” scene from the upcoming film and uploaded it to the Internet.
What could be the worst possible leak for a horror thriller with a masked killer? Yes, the person behind that mask and that is exactly what has been revealed in a latest leak from Scream 6. If you have reached this point even after repeated reminders of massive spoilers, I take it you do not mind spoilers. So, here’s your very last warning before we move forward. Now, first of all, we do have the footage but it has been removed and cannot be uploaded due to copyright issues. So, instead, check out the short description below.

Scream 6 Leaked Killer, Scream 6 Leaked KillerSource: Page Six

As, you can see from the footage there is not 1 or 2 but actually 3 different Ghostface killers in the footage. The killer as you can see is actually the very same who’s apparently tracking the killer aka Detective Baily played by Dermot Mulroney. This is something we have seen in a lot of Movies like Now You See Me, and even Scream franchise itself. So, understandably, aren’t that impressed but at the same aren’t very disappointed either.
Moving on, the second killer is reveals himself to be Ethan played by Jack Champion, which was something many fans did not expect as it has already been done in Scream 2. Most fans predicted that either Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega) or Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere) would be Ghostface, although a select few did have their doubts about Ethan. It is also revealed that Baily and Ethan related to Stu and the murders they committed were revenge for Sidney (Neve Campbell) killing Stu off in the first film.

Scream 6 Leaked Killer, Scream 6 Leaked KillerSource: Collider

As for the 3rd killer, that remains anonymous in the leaked footage as well as the previously leaked plot. So, it possible that we never find out 3rd killer’s identity in Scream 6. It you want to read the plot leaks of Scream 6, do let us know in the comments below, although, they may or not be completely true.
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