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  1. Saw X Release Date
  2. Saw X Trailer Reveals Chilling New Traps: A Sneak Peek into Jigsaw's Return
  3. The Cast Of Saw X: Fresh Blood And Familiar Faces
  4. SAW X Plot: IS SAW X A Prequel?
  5. SAW X Parody Feud With AMC Theater
  6. When Can I Stream Saw X?
  7. Conclusion

Explore Saw X (2023): Release Date, Cast, Uncover the Plot, Trailer & More

Saw X, where terror knows no bounds. As the 10th installment of this iconic horror franchise draws near, there's a lot to uncover. Join us on a journey through the spine-tingling trailer, meet the talented cast, and delve into the mind-bending plot that awaits. 


Saw X Release Date

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Prepare for the ultimate horror experience as "Saw X" is set to terrify audiences on September 29, 2023. This spine-tingling installment promises to deliver a fresh wave of fear, and it's arriving earlier than initially planned to avoid competing with other major horror releases in October. 


Saw X Trailer Reveals Chilling New Traps: A Sneak Peek into Jigsaw's Return

Lionsgate unveiled the official trailer on July 31, 2023. The trailer takes viewers on a journey with John Kramer as he seeks treatment in Mexico City for his terminal illness, only to discover a cruel scam. 

The latter part of the trailer offers a glimpse of the film's new traps as John embarks on a mission of revenge against the deceitful doctors. The trailer concludes with the return of Shawnee Smith's beloved character, Amanda Young.


The Cast Of Saw X: Fresh Blood And Familiar Faces

In SAW X, Tobin Bell will once again return to the role of John Kramer (also known as Jigsaw). Bell has starred in nine Saw films; the most recent, Spiral: From the Book of Saw, is the only one in which he did not. The cast of "Saw X" includes: Tobin Bell as John Kramer, also known as the Jigsaw Killer and Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young, a former victim turned Jigsaw's apprentice.

While Cary Elwes, who portrayed Dr. Lawrence Gordon in the original "Saw" film, will not appear in this time, the film introduces new cast members:

  • Renata Vaca
  • Paulette Hernandez
  • Joshua Okamoto
  • Octavio Hinojosa
  • Synnøve Macody Lund
  • Steven Brand
  • Michael Beach

These fresh faces will contribute to the ever-evolving horror franchise. 

Moreover, Kevin Greutert will make a return to the franchise, a seasoned director within the "Saw" franchise, celebrated for his work on "Saw VI" (2009) and "Saw: The Final Chapter" (also known as "Saw 3D") in 2010. Greutert's history with the series includes editing the first five "Saw" films and "Jigsaw." 


SAW X Plot: IS SAW X A Prequel?

saw x tobin bell Source: Google Images

The movie will take place in the timeline between the events of the first and second "Saw" movies. Lionsgate provided the official synopsis for the film in July 2023:

John Kramer (Tobin Bell) makes a chilling return in the most disturbing installment of the Saw franchise. This film delves into an untold chapter of Jigsaw's most personal game. Set between the events of "Saw I" and "Saw II," a desperate and terminally ill John travels to Mexico in search of a risky and experimental medical procedure, hoping for a miracle cure for his cancer.

However, he soon discovers that the entire operation is a scam targeting the most vulnerable. With a renewed sense of purpose, the infamous serial killer returns to his gruesome work, using devious, deranged, and ingenious traps to turn the tables on the con artists in his own visceral way.


SAW X Parody Feud With AMC Theater

saw x trailer Source: Google Images
AMC Theaters demanded the removal of a parody video created by Lionsgate for the promotion of "Saw X." The parody video, titled "We Come to This Place," humorously imitated an AMC promo featuring Nicole Kidman. In the parody, Jigsaw expressed enthusiasm for torture in movies instead of celebrating the theater experience. AMC's request led to the removal of the parody from Lionsgate’s official social media account.
However, the parody's popularity resulted in it being re-uploaded and shared by other accounts. The move was surprising, considering that the original AMC promo had already become the subject of jokes and memes online.

When Can I Stream Saw X?

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While an official streaming release date hasn't been confirmed by Lionsgate or the filmmakers, it's expected to arrive on Starz in March 2024 in the United States.

Overseas viewers, including those in India, can likely stream it on Lionsgate Play starting in December 2023. This release pattern aligns with Lionsgate's typical six-month gap between theatrical and Starz streaming releases and a three-month gap for Lionsgate Play.



"Saw X" promises to be a thrilling addition to the iconic horror franchise. With Kevin Greutert at the helm, a talented cast, and the return of Tobin Bell as the menacing John Kramer, fans can anticipate a chilling experience that delves into the dark origins of Jigsaw's legacy.

Whether you're a longtime fan or new to the franchise, this horror fiction is poised to deliver the gruesome traps and mind-bending twists that have made the series a staple in the world of horror cinema.

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