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  1. Satanic Hispanics Movie Release Date
  2. Satanic Hispanics Trailer: A Promising Thriller
  3. Satanic Hispanics Cast
  4. Satanic Hispanics Will Be Based On Latin American Legends
  5. Where Can I Stream Satanic Hispanics?
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Satanic Hispanics - A Terrifying Tale, Stellar Cast, Trailer And More

"Satanic Hispanics" is a spellbinding horror anthology, a collaboration of five accomplished Latino directors. These visionary filmmakers have crafted a film that not only earned the Best Director award at Fantastic Fest 2022 but also invites you to explore Latin folklore with a chilling twist.

This unique movie boasts an exceptional ensemble cast and promises to captivate audiences as it unveils tales of supernatural horrors. Dive into the dark and intriguing world of "Satanic Hispanics," where myths come to life in a way you've never seen before. Discover more about its release date, award, and cast below.


Satanic Hispanics Movie Release Date

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"Satanic Hispanics" is set to release in theaters on September 14, 2023. The movie will make its grand theatrical debut on over 800 screens in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.


Satanic Hispanics Trailer: A Promising Thriller

The latest trailer offers glimpses of the five interconnected stories narrated by The Traveler and introduces key actors in the movie. "Satanic Hispanics" promises a thrilling journey into Latin American folklore and the supernatural.


Satanic Hispanics Cast

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"Satanic Hispanics" boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Efren Ramirez, Greg Grunberg, Jonah Ray Rodrigues, Jacob Vargas, Hemky Madera, and Patricia Velásquez. This diverse lineup of actors collaborates to bring to life the anthology's gripping and culturally rich horror stories, each directed by a different renowned Latino filmmaker.

  • Efren Ramirez as The Traveler
  • Jonah Ray as Malcolm
  • Hemky Madera as El Vampiro
  • Patricia Velasquez as Maribel
  • Greg Grunberg as Detective Arden
  • Ari Gallegos as De la Cruz
  • Jacob Vargas as El Jefe
  • Sonya Eddy as Detective Gibbons
  • Demián Salomón as Gustavo
  • Vince Lozano as Swat Joe #1
  • Chaton Anderson as Police Receptionist
  • Ken Arnold as COP #1
  • Lombardo Boyar as Officer Hernandez
  • Danielle Chaves as Amy

Satanic Hispanics Will Be Based On Latin American Legends

"Satanic Hispanics" revolves around The Traveler, portrayed by Efren Ramirez, who shares stories of magic, mythical creatures, demons, and the undead during police questioning in El Paso. These tales are based on Latin American legends.

The anthology, helmed by director Mike Mendez, consists of four interconnected stories of terror, with The Traveler's narrative serving as the wraparound. The film promises a spine-tingling cinematic experience, delving into the supernatural and exploring the rich world of Latin American folklore.


Where Can I Stream Satanic Hispanics?

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While an exact digital release date hasn't been confirmed, it's common for movies to become available on streaming platforms approximately 45 days after their theatrical release. So, you might be able to stream "Satanic Hispanics" from the comfort of your home by late October 2023, just in time for Halloween.

As of now, there is no clear information on which streaming platform Satanic Hispanics will be on.



With its captivating narratives, talented ensemble cast, and exploration of Latin folklore, the film promises a unique cinematic experience that blends horror with cultural richness.

"Satanic Hispanics" is a groundbreaking horror anthology that showcases the storytelling prowess of five distinguished Latino directors. As it receives accolades and heads to theaters, it marks a significant contribution to the genre and an exciting addition to Hispanic Heritage Month.

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